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  1. Em_Jae20

    Game 5 #BGvsGT Media

  2. Em_Jae20

    Game 4 #GTvsWF Postgame Presser

    Not sure if it's because he's the son of a coach or if that's how he naturally is but Haynes King sounds a lot like Coach Key. Yeah, I think we're in good hands.
  3. Em_Jae20

    Game 4 #GTvsWF Postgame

    👀👀👀Am I seeing that right...7 sacks, 10 TFLs?
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    Top 10 Offense

  5. Em_Jae20

    Game 3 #GTvsOM Media

    The kinda thing always gets me. That's why I call him Kinda Kelly
  6. Em_Jae20

    GT vs #17 Ole Miss GAME THREAD

    @TheDanielHordShow you do know that if we win this game you will be tasked with going to every road game from now on, right?
  7. Em_Jae20

    Game 1 Louisville vs Georgia Tech Media #AflacKickoff

    It's starting to finally be real. GT football is back!!
  8. Em_Jae20

    GT-UofL score predictions?

    GT - 21 UL - 20
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    2023 Fall Practice Notes

    It's pretty standard. Ole Miss, Clemson, and uga are big games and they'll start prep for each of these at virtually the same time as the prep for UL will start. These athletes and coaches are creatures of habit and CBK said in his press conference he's pretty much got everything planned out...
  10. Em_Jae20

    Haynes King starting vs. UL

    It's only August and already @boger2337 your mind is F'N RIGHT!! I guess if you stay ready you ain't gotta get ready.