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  1. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    Who does that money go to? The Big 12? if so, what do they do with the money? Especially when they're dissolving next year.
  2. If Collins is new HC, how many games in before...

    I'm not sure what you mean by "font" but I literally just answered the question the OP started the thread with.
  3. If Collins is new HC, how many games in before...

    I dug up this tread because it was centered on a specific question. I was curious how the numbers actually worked out, so I did the math and posted that. I was hopeful cgc would elevate the program. Same way I feel about Key. I wasn't trying to stir anything up.
  4. If Collins is new HC, how many games in before...

    Just wanted to cover the bases since the initial question was about our change in offensive design as a whole. The raw numbers are 551 completions on 1011 attempts.
  5. If Collins is new HC, how many games in before...

    Collins teams did not surpass the amount of passing that was done from 2008-2018. (decimal numbers are from scaling the covid year to from 10 games to 12).
  6. If Collins is new HC, how many games in before...

    Anyone want to look into this?
  7. Path to the Draft

    RIght, I was confused because the AJC article showed a picture of Gibbs haha
  8. Midtown’s Magic 🎱 @ NIL

    I hope you're right.
  9. Midtown’s Magic 🎱 @ NIL

    Even further than that: we're on a path to like 8 power TEAMS that will ever make the playoffs/win the NC.
  10. Midtown’s Magic 🎱 @ NIL

    It's not really that it kills the amateur feel of the sport, it's that it opens the door for a team with a big wallet to just poach the best players from teams with less cap space (tic). Alabama or aTm could just stop recruiting out of high school and devote those funds to "NIL" collectives and...
  11. Path to the Draft

    I thought Gibbs came out of Dalton...
  12. Non-adidas GT Swag

    are we trophy gold or yellow gold?
  13. Article Updates to Pregame Activities

    I'm a band alum too, hopefully they can keep the campanile concert and even Bud at the library. Usually after that, there's like a 10 minute lull before we would march down Freshman Hill to play on the stairs, so maybe you just replace the march down the hill with a march down Cherry street...
  14. BDS - what section is the best???

    I'm partial to 214/215 since I like watching from the end zone.
  15. Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    My degree is a BSME from 2015.
  16. Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    Geoff Collins was the BEST coach for GT specifically for the 2019-2022 seasons simply because he made it way easier for me to turn off GT football games and spend time with my son (born in 2019). My son wanted to play outside during the GT vs ND game in 2021, and before he could finish asking...
  17. GT/FSU Ireland 2024

    I've heard that, but are we playing the week before the week zero game? Or does the weekend before Labor Day count as week 1?
  18. Last Stand of the Triple Option

    The game where the AB went the wrong direction: Not sure if it's what you're thinking of, but I remember Dedrick went the wrong way in the BC game in 2016 and I think Matthew Jordan just bulldozed into the end zone anyway.
  19. GT/FSU Ireland 2024

    So is this a "week -1" game? or does the season typically start on the Saturday before labor day?
  20. 2023 Adidas SWAG Watch

    Is it not just this jersey?