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  1. Path to the Draft

    Sounds like lazy journalism to put a completely unrelated picture on an article’s link. Maybe they should have highlighted the great talent sitting between 15-35 miles of midtown Atlanta in the thumbnail
  2. Portal Watch 2022-23

    Team is not required to take them back if they withdraw from the portal so some people just get left in the cold if a new school doesn't want them
  3. Akelo "Rolling" Stone makes his way to the portal

    Deion is getting flamed pretty hard online actually for having 50+ players leaving in the portal now that his roster only has like 50 scholarship players
  4. Path to the Draft

    Bingo. it’s more like if you were working at a company and your boss was running it into the ground why would you be a bad guy to move to a competitor that sets you up better. Hopefully with a new ceo/coach we will be back on the rise but I don’t blame anyone for making a business decision...
  5. Coach Prime to Colorado

    11 so far. Every few hours another guy jumps in so it might actually be 0 by Monday lol Edit just saw a couple more on Reddit. They’re saying it’s actually down to 8 now lmao
  6. Coach Prime to Colorado

    Well I was a little less concerned with the start of the mass exodus at Colorado since he’s bringing in 48 new players but they’re down to 11 returning players so a roster of 59 is still pretty bad
  7. Coach Prime to Colorado

    they were massively over the scholarship limit due to the number of people transferring in. This was completely expected and necessarily for roster compliance. They have 29 people transferring in
  8. Portal Watch 2022-23

    Don’t think so. He was saying Donald Duck could be more profitable than Oregon duck
  9. @Boston College, Baseball

    LOL how do you give up 24 runs in a baseball game. how can we be this bad at pitching? it's just comical at this point
  10. NIL, Transfers, and Stratospheric Salaries. What Is the Future of GT Football and College Football in General?

    Bingo college sports as we know it are living on borrowed time. It’s just cheaper for the nfl to use it as the developmental league instead of making a minor league. Basketball you’re seeing more money and players trend towards the G-League. Eventually the money will go crazy and they’ll...
  11. GT/FSU Ireland 2024

    Giving up home games for far away neutral sites = 💩
  12. Damon Stoudamire

    Celtics fans seem to be sad to see him go so thats usually a good sign. Not like Temple fans when we hired their football coach and they were popping champagne
  13. Thanks Coach Pastner

    Considering how low the expectations were when he was hired and how pissed people on here were about it I’d say it went better than expected. Just seemed like we couldn’t get any consistency but I’ll take an acc title
  14. I Know Im Beating a Dead Horse About TFG…

    I mean Ive never heard of this person googled it and saw they ranked Oregon as the worst student section at some point too which I find hard to believe. I mean we all know Duke exists because we play there every other year and their student section in football doesnt even exist so who cares
  15. 2023 Gt Schedule - better, about the same or as bad as in the CPJ era

    The other team that liked thurs games was VT and the ACC decided our series wasn’t worth continuing on an annual basis due to our strong 2 game history with Louisville and historic rivalry with wake forest
  16. What is the best single-game performance you've seen out of a Tech player?

    On the flip side CJ Spiller’s performance against us in the rematch was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen by a player against us. Almost beat us by himself
  17. What is the best single-game performance you've seen out of a Tech player?

    The whole OLine vs MSU in the orange bowl. I believe espn named all 5 as their all bowl team OLine. We did whatever we wanted on offense
  18. Today’s the day for Paul Johnson and Ralph Friedgen

    Pretty sure he got at least 1 Fulmer cup too. Those are big
  19. Way too Early 2023 Predictions

    Louisville is trying to throw around some real NIL money so it’ll be interesting to see if it makes them good or the ACC’s A&M
  20. Way too Early 2023 Predictions

    Miami has at least won in people’s lifetime Unc has players like Lawrence Taylor and has 0 national titles and ranks 71st in conference titles. All time squandered of talent