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  1. Random question. Why was the GT logo moved from midfield to the 35 yard line in the 2000's-early 2010's?

    I recall discussion at the time that the logo was moved from the 50 to allow right-side up view of logo from both east & west stand. Don’t recall if that was from GTAA or speculation
  2. Pastner v bell

    interesting stuff, I’d like notification of Brandon’s next installment 😃. And funny, Midtown, I was picturing the courtroom scene in the Seinfeld finale while reading the post.
  3. 2021 Uniform Debate

    Is it funny to anyone else that a www link is required for proof of accuracy 😝. Tex Schram did indeed reference the GWG uni as his inspiration for cowboys. We can argue iconic, but there is no question that Tech’s white shirt at home was a well known (almost unique) signature. The...
  4. Spring Training 2021

    How could you not love Coach Knight 😀
  5. Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    What’s chance of losing Reveno to a HC or more lucrative assistant position?
  6. Your First GT QB

    If these are your favorite plays, check out
  7. 2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Yes, there are new fitted caps with high quality T similar to baseball game hats. The one size fits all with lower quality T is also still available, so you will want to make sure you get the fitted version for better quality.
  8. 2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Prefer gold, but great uni. I wish we would put TECH on everything and try to own that brand. All other techs are pretenders.
  9. Chris, based upon your posting on merchandising, I am curious, are you the Chris from the old...

    Chris, based upon your posting on merchandising, I am curious, are you the Chris from the old Tailgaters Alley? Mark GT '83
  10. Game Thread - @ UNC, 1/4/2020

    What is the significance of the gas station visit? Appreciate any enlightenment
  11. So...what is the pro-style spread?

    I think BC's 2 cents is right on the money. CGC has emphasized developing skills valued by NFL, as opposed to a specific offense.
  12. Petition: Use Gold as a Primary Color

    Still not true and won't change regarding how many times repeated. Trim & numbers were very navy blue when I entered in 79, and changed with Blackwatch. I have actual white game jersey that confirms dark navy trim and numbers (similar to NYY).
  13. Your Favorite Underrated GT player?

    Harvey Middleton
  14. GT to play at MB stadium

    I wonder if there is a demographic that is not interested in season tickets, but would be attracted to a once a year big event. I don't like thought of orange of red dominated home game, but with a proactive thinking and aggressive AD & HC, maybe this is a vehicle to bring those tech alumni...
  15. Blue. Pants.

    That's Pat Swilling and that, sports fans, is a black jersey. Yes, this is evidence that the Curry’s black watch teams wore black, but I was at tech end of Rogers, beginning Curry eras, and those jerseys had dark navy trim and numbers. I have actual game jersey from GTAA surplus sale with...
  16. Adidas Swag watch 2018

    Cole, to where and how did you return, I do not recall seeing return info with the STH tees. Thanks
  17. Adidas Swag watch 2018

    Anyone have a current Dicks promo code?
  18. Adidas Swag watch 2018

    Can anyone comment on the sizing of the addidas tees, in advance of our requesting the season ticketholder tees. Reading this thread, i would conclude that the addidas tee might run a little small, so if I am borderline L -> XL, I should probably size up to XL. Anyone have experience with the...