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  1. Fire CJP

    you think this year is bad, wait til next year
  2. Jackets vs. LSU 12/11, 6PM

    We have a coach who’s had 2 good seasons & he gets an extension
  3. Jackets vs. LSU 12/11, 6PM

    And in reality if Devoe doesn’t go off that night we might not have won that one
  4. Jackets vs. LSU 12/11, 6PM

    Who else knew when we were up 23-9 that lsu would come back ?
  5. Can we stay competitive in the NIL era?

    If wake forest can win 10 games we can
  6. 12/5/2021 - UNC @ GT

    Not giving up on the season , but the lack Of recruiting by pastner lately scares me , you’d think coming off a tournament title that recruits would be more attracted , But we missed on a lot of guys this fall . I don’t think we go to tourney this year , And just think how bad next year could be...
  7. Harrison Bailey

    Why you say that ?
  8. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    I’d take Cutcliff as an OC
  9. #UGAvsGT Postgame. 45-0, Tech loses

    Are you Geoff ??
  10. #UGAvsGT Postgame. 45-0, Tech loses

    We haven’t
  11. Stansbury

    A 7 year contract to anyone is ridiculous & especially the buyout. Pastner had a good year last year but no reason give him an extension when you look at his full body of work either
  12. GT vs. Ga Sou

    Yeah I’d normally not be happy with a 2 point win over ga southern but it sounds like half the team is sick
  13. Everybody wants to hold the baby. Nobody wants to go through labor.

    I don’t think we have to choose between jimmies & joes or x’s & o’s , I still think we can have both .. we may not win natties or even 10 games a year consistently but we can do better than 3 wins a year
  14. Jordan Yates

    We’re not recruiting olinemen though
  15. Georgia vs South Carolina State

    Before the year started I thought we’d kill uga , after watching us play I’m not so sure