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  1. Bobby Dodd sold out.

    Cheapest ATL UTD season ticket is $350 for general admission seating behind the goals.
  2. Bobby Dodd sold out.

    If you want to make this your argument then at this point it will take an act of God for Atlanta United to not outdraw the Falcons. They're already over 100,000 in attendance and just the 30,000 season ticket holders for 15 more home games would put them over 550k. The Falcons selling out 8...
  3. 77% of the starters for NFL Championships weren't 4 or 5 Stars

    You two are comparing different numbers with different denominators. He is saying < 10% of recruits are 4 and 5*, and 23% of NFL starts are 4 and 5*. You're saying that 1.6% of all college players make the NFL. If we're going to take all college players, then the numbers work out about like...
  4. Trent Sellers is gone

    NW Miss has historically been a strong JUCO program. There will likely be D-I scouts at every game.
  5. Brad Stewart

    That's exactly the play I'm talking about. I was sitting 3 rows back when it happened and Youtube confirms my memory.
  6. Brad Stewart

    Calvin was airborn and got his legs cut out from under him on that play. Let's not act like he just bounced one off his hands to end the game.
  7. Brad Stewart

    Having grown up in Fayette County and being 2 years ahead of him at GT, Calvin was hot garbage at basketball.
  8. Official Offseason Thread

    Looks like Young Clay got processed so UGA could offer up a package deal.
  9. Stephon Marbury

    Marbury's a hero there. He could preach the gospel at the gates of the Forbidden City and they'd just smile and take pictures.
  10. Mike Bobinski and The Search of Doom

    Hoping Pastner can prove me wrong but this feels like a desperation hire by an AD who had no plan and no ability to recruit a top tier candidate. My Memphis-fan friends are as happy to rid of Pastner as my Dayton-fan friends were to get rid of Gregory.
  11. Vance Walker is a nerd

    A future GT AD definitely followed DRad to Clemson, but it wasn't DRich.
  12. What Wrinkle will CPJ Throw In?

    I think you guys are overthinking the formation shifts in Tulane game. If CPJ adds a wrinkle to the Tulane game because of the ND game, that's essentially saying that he thinks ND could defend the base offense if they were able to focus on it full time. Given that he's run the same offense for...
  13. GA Tech # 10 in USA Today's "Re-Rankings"

    Sagarin ratings won't normalize for another 3 or 4 weeks probably. Nice to be up there, but nicer to be up there around Thanksgiving.
  14. Way too early analysis - GT v. Alcorn

    There was a play down on the second drive, 2nd and 6 from the 13. It at ~18:45 of the WatchESPN replay. We ran a toss sweep to Lynch on the left (short) side of the field. The play was defended pretty well and had no business going anywhere, but Summers took his man, turned him, and blocked him...
  15. After CPJ...

    Bohannon just woodshedded a team in KSU's first ever college game. He may not turn out to be a bad option either, assuming the crazies can get over his poor choices in an earlier life.
  16. Updated Roster

    Man, if he held on to his speed this kid is gonna be a nightmare to cover.
  17. Marcus Marshall

    Given Navy's post where every AB is 193lb or less and every BB is 200lb+ I'm not sure the coaches would agree with you. In fact, every non-FR BB is over 210lb.
  18. Brad Stewart is an athlete

    I will say the board could certainly do without blatant "you don't like this player because you're black" posts.
  19. Atlanta Magazine: How a former Georgia Tech quarterback could break the state’s GOP supermajority

    Hopefully people who vote for the letter after their name rather than the degree on their wall won't get too grumpy the next time the Legislature screws over GT again.
  20. Hill is still trying

    He was drafted #43 and made over $3M before his 25th birthday. We should all crash so hard.