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  1. Portal Watch 2022-23

    I always felt like he struggled to get his head around. Felt like he was in the right position almost always but just late to find the ball. This could be evidence that he couldn’t get into our grad school as others have mentioned. Definitely a big loss. He’s been our best corner for a while...
  2. Way too Early 2023 Predictions

    Saw a stat in the 49ers playoff game yesterday that their opponents were 0-15 the week after they played them during the regular season. I’m assuming that’s the kind of team you’re hoping we run out there? Would be fun to watch for sure.
  3. Nate McCollom to UNC

    We will miss his production some, but I think the biggest pain to losing him will be his game experience. I think he made a smart decision on his part. I'm sure the NIL didn't hurt, but I agree with others that this decision was based more on the offense he's going into and the guy who is going...
  4. General News about Key and his Staff

    Some of these people think you need a Skov type body type to run between the tackles. Gibbs vision and footwork as elite. He’s not going to push the pile on the goal line, but he can run btw the tackles as well as anyone.
  5. Portal Watch 2022-23

    I think we’ll end up with something like you referenced. It’s just going to take a while. NCAA has had its head in the sand for too long. If they would’ve started letting players get paid (in some form) a decade or so ago, I don’t think the problem would be as big as it is now. As for the...
  6. Portal Watch 2022-23

    Should colleges be allowed to offer coaches a bunch of money to come coach at their school, even if they’re not unemployed? Should LSU have been able to offer Kelly all that money while he was coaching at ND? Or what about USC while Riley was coaching at OU? If it’s okay for the coaches, it...
  7. Punting Issues

    Maybe we can get DJ U from Clemson to transfer in to do this. He was better at that (see game against USCe) than he was QB.
  8. Portal Watch 2022-23

    Ha y’all need to get your minds out of the gutter. I meant the baseball team. Winning the ACC championship my sophomore year and going to the College World Series the year after.
  9. Portal Watch 2022-23

    You make good points. Main one being that having a good Mentor or voice in your ear at an early (or really any) age is super valuable. It’s also rare. Neither one of my parents went to college but they stressed the importance to me. They also told me how good a school GT was. That being...
  10. Portal Watch 2022-23

    Because they didn’t come for a GT degree. Its importance to them is secondary now and was secondary when they decided to come here. I’m just a dumb former student athlete so coming up with an analogy that would relate to a typical 1450 avg SAT GT student will be as hard for me to do as it is...
  11. AJC cruitin article

    I don’t know what they made. Does t matter what the kids in their class made though. Do t know why you brought that up. I’ll say this, I made a 1080 and barely had a 3.0 in HS. That was not only good enough to get me in the school (early 2000’s) on the baseball team, apparently my math score...
  12. AJC cruitin article

    That’s why I said 90%. I also said “whether they want to come here is another story.” If they come and show up to class, they will pass with any sort of effort. You think Gibbs cared much about school? He could’ve picked almost any school he wanted to by the end of his cycle and chose GT...
  13. AJC cruitin article

    Almost none of the players could “get in” on regular standards. Once they’re in though, all you have to do is show up to class and pay attention and they’ll make the grades to stay eligible. I was there from 04-06. I’m sure it’s only gotten easier since then. Not saying it’s dwag or UNC...
  14. Your Choice for OC

    If that right guy comes in (Riley one can hope) I’d imagine it make GT a much more attractive spot to offensive players in the portal.
  15. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Wonder if McCollum comes back too. He was very vocal about Key being the coach.
  16. Portal Watch 2022-23

    I’ve liked Rutherford since he got a little run last year. I was hoping we’d see more sets with McCollum and Rutherford on the field together. McCollum will be missed, but I think we’ll be okay. Especially if Blackburn sticks around. I’m looking forward to Boyd getting more run too.
  17. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    If we can get Riley, I’d be ecstatic! I’m hoping this is all smoke to keep people away from who we’re really after. Doubt it though. Just don’t think we have the money to do what’s necessary.
  18. Dropped Balls

    We’ve got the worst TEs and worst punting unit in the country. If they were just competent, this game would look a lot different.
  19. POSTGAME #GTvsVT GT 28-VT 27

    Pyron is a gamer! McCullom is a stud! We’ve got some players to make some noise if we can get a good coaching staff in here. I still like Sims, but Pyron seems to have the it factor. Sims could learn a thing or two on how to finish a run from the young guy!
  20. #Postgame GT 9 - UVA 16

    Bye Key. Take Gibson’s scholarship. Didn’t even try to win. Defense played well.