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  1. ESPN: Too Negative at Georgia Tech?

    You can't recruit anyone with 1 year on your contract. If he goes 6-6 you give him a super small extension. He either quits or accepts it. Next years schedule is brutal so if he's 6-6 this year he is a dead man walking.
  2. Another UGA arrest

    Thought he was more of a weed man? /oregonbongpicture
  3. Who gets moved to DL

    By making an absurd comparison?
  4. Who gets moved to DL

    Lol. Comparing Calvin Johnson to what we have on our D Line. If we had a bunch of high fours or fives it would be a different story.
  5. Who gets moved to DL

    It's not a far leap to expect an inexperienced group of lineman thats short on talent and even shorter on depth to get manhandled. On paper I don't think I've seen a weaker DL in my 30 years of being a Tech fan.
  6. Who gets moved to DL

    I'd expect in year 7 that we would have at least one viable upperclassmen option at DE. Expecting guys with zero experience to produce is just foolish. The cupboard is bare.
  7. Who gets moved to DL

    Shawn Green has 29 career tackles and zero sacks and has been injury plagued. Pat Gamble has six career tackles and half of those were against Alabama A&M. Rod Chungong and Keshun Freeman have never played in a DI football game. Tyler Stargel has one career tackle. The whole defensive line...
  8. Update on Myles Autry

    Maybe Myles isn't gonna qualify and is using this as cover...
  9. Who gets moved to DL

    I'd run the ball 40 times a game against us this year. Our starters leave a lot to be desired and we have zero depth. Wear those starters out and just start gashing the D. We are going to have no margin for error offensively.
  10. 3 dismissed, 1 suspended

    This is really flunkgate-esque.
  11. Someone in media thinks GT will win the division

    Yep. The margin from 1st to 5th in this division is pretty thin, which was the point I was making. Thanks.
  12. UGA football player gets arrested for the 2nd time/Felony

    I remember when we thought we were gonna land that kid and his teammate Deloach and then they picked the dang mutts.
  13. Someone in media thinks GT will win the division

    If we had lost to UNC last year we would have been fifth. The ACC coastal is six mediocre teams and one horrid one. Choosing 1-6 is a crapshoot.
  14. Is Baseball On It's Way Out?

    I can't fathom anything being more boring than watching a bicycle race...
  15. Pre Season Thoughts

    No way less than 6 wins. Less than 7 is pretty hard to imagine. We have 5 gimmes and only one guaranteed loss. no way we go 1-5 or 0-6 in the others.
  16. Myerberg Tech Preview: 55th

    Bad defensive line = bad defense. You simply cannot scheme around it. We are going to get dominated in the trenches by good offensive lines. I don't think we have the horses to win shootouts either. I would not be surprised to see us give up 200+ on the ground multiple times this year.
  17. A picture of a few former Jackets

    Long hair + receding hairline = bad look
  18. GT O vs CU O

  19. Looking ahead to Fall Camp - Offense

    Assuming we were in third in long more last year tha previous years then saying it was a higher percentage and being wrong both times.
  20. Looking ahead to Fall Camp - Offense

    It's funny how assumptions are being trashed in this thread.