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  1. Star Rankings - Not Fatally Flawed

    Heck I'm old enough to have seen all the home games in 50, 51, 52 ,53, 54, and 55. I can tell you having seen those teams Tech did not want for talent. With the likes of Larry Morris, George Morris, Pepper, Flowers to name just a few, Tech was knee deep with the best talent not just in the south...
  2. PJ's Offense

    Not sure if JT was recruited by us but thanks to Saban we have the kid now. Bama sure could use him but that's life.
  3. Best game you have seen at Grant field?

    About 53 GT 6 SMU 4 62 GT beats no 1 Bama
  4. What is your current opinion of CPJ?

    My neighbor and friend a former player at Alabama under The Bear says this and I believe him correct: "I've never seen Tech so under coached in my life". He goes on to say "they lack the fundamentals of good football", "they miss blocks, they don't wrap up, "they are out of position", "all in...
  5. What is your current opinion of CPJ?

    I have seen to much foosball at Tech/Bama etc in my greater than 60 years of watching and studying the game to think that pj has the where with all to succeed at a D1 school. It should be apparent to all he does not have the where with all to recruit at this level, it should be apparent to all...
  6. 70 Years of GT Football – Odds of Getting a Better Coach Than CPJ

    Contrary to what people think I want pj to be successful, if he's successful then Tech and the SA's are successful. However I do not for one moment with out changes to the O (ie run a different O) and changes to his assistants think pj will be successful. Do I believe he will have a good team...
  7. Will the WR's be better in 2014?

    We all fell in love with Vad and we thought we finally have a guy that can throw the ball. We all saw how that played out. The receivers may be better but maybe the QB will be worse so the receivers may look bad.
  8. Just Saw this Online -- GT vs Clemp's sin, 2009

    I was there but never thought we would lose. When Clemson scored with about 5 mins on the clock I told all my friends calm down we will win this game. Sure enough with about 2 mins to play we scored and then held Clemson and of course we did win, but the cold in Tampa was nothing compared to the...
  9. Smoke Screen On Statistics

    It's easy to get those type numbers when you have year in year out the likes of A&M/ELON what did we get with those two >120 points goes a long way to inflate your yearly average. Now throw in VT/Mia etc and leave out the Elons and A&M types then see what the average per game is then.
  10. Ode to a former forum

    Cobb, If 't it's worse than before why are you posting there? Me I know Jim personally and like the guy, agree with him all the time not at all but I do like his board.
  11. If Tech Was Consistently Ranked in Top 25 for Recruiting….

    Truthfully I don't remember Nebraska's TO all that much, I remember Texas's TO as I lived in Austin and had season tickets to the Long Horns. I do remember when they dropped it, I would when Texas was out of town drive over to College Station to see A&M. They both dropped it when teams like...
  12. If Tech Was Consistently Ranked in Top 25 for Recruiting….

    Cobb, I doubt you are smart enough to understand, but most (not all) of our opponents have figured out our so called O, similar to the way opponents of Neb, Tex, Ok and Tex A&M did when they played the O and soon there after they (all of them) dropped the TO. So you tell me and tell the world...
  13. One more bowl game

    As with many coaches at Tech I met Bobby C several times (except for his Brooklyn) accent I never met a nicer guy. I think he could have convinced his teams to walk thru fire it it was needed for a must win.
  14. Question on Player Smarts?

    IB so Bama/LSU/ugag etc and other good teams can teach those techniques but a smart Tech man can't learn it. Somehow I find that hard to believe.
  15. Question on Player Smarts?

    You can not tell me a guy who is smart enough to get into Tech and has the smarts to take the academics and succeed does not have the smarts to learn pj's so called schemes. It comes down to coaching and teaching the schemes and that comes back to pj and his so called assistants.
  16. A Bruce Feldman tweet on CPJ

    I use to go to ATL all the time and speak to many players, since pj came here I don't get to ATL as often BUT the few that I have spoken to are either ambivalent to him or don't like him at all. Of course I told the guys I'd never mention their names.
  17. Merry Christmas (Eve)

    Merry Christmas all and especially Mack and Rodney. Rodney Haven't seen you since we went to the recruiting party years ago. Hope all is well
  18. Ode to a former forum

    many things Lex
  19. Ode to a former forum

    I didn't mean as a new hive, I meant that you could not say anything negative about the HC or assistants? I would agree about players, those guys leave it all on the field.