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  1. B1G expansion?

    Clemson needs to ask us about how going independent worked out.
  2. RIP GT HoF RB Lenny Snow

    He was the earliest Tech player that I remember.
  3. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    I tend to agree. Media and entertainment are hard to predict.
  4. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    I doubt UF and USCe would vote to take them.
  5. B1G expansion?

    I’m ditching Dish as soon as we get fiber or Starlink.
  6. Starting Over - Under on GT 2023 win total is out

    I would say the O/U should be 7. Coaching and talent pool should be way better.
  7. ACC AD Meetings - New Revenue Distribution Model?

    Or Disney/ESPN could lose a boatload of money.
  8. B1G expansion?

    So they’ve met with a lawyer? What are the odds?
  9. New Guys?

    Anyone have an estimate of how many new guys have been added since the last game? Counting transfers in and signees? Have we turned over 40% of the roster?
  10. B1G expansion?

    If I was in a conference looking to expand, I would vote no unless my team was guaranteed more money. Same pie, more slices? No thanks.
  11. Coach Prime to Colorado

    CU was 1-11 last year. He needed to clean house. He wasn’t hired to go 1-11.
  12. Spring Game Impressions

    If we get one TE to catch the ball, we can always send in the others to block.
  13. 2023 predictions part 2: POST SPRING GAME

    5 disappointing, 6 ho-hum, 7 all right, 8 we‘re on our way, 9 way beyond expectations.
  14. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    I doubt expansion will happen like that. I doubt the state legislatures will allow VT and UVA to split. The same with the Carolina mafia.
  15. Football, Basketball and Baseball all may miss post-season in same year

    Football and basketball have been fixed. Time for JBat to fix the other.
  16. Spring Practice

    No problem with a break. It’s called Spring Practice for a reason.
  17. Rule Changes

    FPNI. But that would take common sense, which is in short supply with the governing body.
  18. “TECH” is back on the helmet bumpers. Replacing the “ATL” that Collins put there.

    I like it. When the cameras zoom in, it leaves no doubt.
  19. Georgia Tech Head Coach Hot List

    App state any good this year?