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  1. Our Fan Base

    GT is what it is because of what GT alums value. The school has a massive endowment. The GTAA struggles. UGA’s athletic association is flush with cash. I bet their school endowment pales in comparison to ours, even though they are much larger. It’s what you value and focus on.
  2. GTAA Debt and Finances

    GTAA donors are actually pretty generous. Fairly decent average per donor. We just don’t have enough donors.
  3. Our Fan Base

    Look, GT fans are, generally, a more socially odd group. Whenever I see someone wearing GT gear, I simply say, “I like your hat/shirt”.
  4. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    Air Force winning skydiving is like Wisconsin winning for drinking. That’s what they do.
  5. Article Georgia Tech signee Eric Singleton achieving greatness on track

    I ran 19 mph as clocked by one of those road side speed detection signs, so suck it. 😉
  6. B1G expansion?

    There are tons of Big Ten alums already living in the Atlanta area. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn there are more Ohio State alums in metro Atlanta than GT alums.
  7. Path to the Draft

    He did.
  8. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    When we do have one hit a big lick, they go and donate exclusively to women’s sports.
  9. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    Will depend on how well all these new guys gel with the existing guys. Team chemistry is hugely important. Gotta come together as a cohesive squad.
  10. CDS staff speculation.

    Bad take.

    Intangibles and leadership matter.
  12. Football, Basketball and Baseball all may miss post-season in same year

    I don’t think we can declare basketball fixed just yet.
  13. Damon Stoudamire

  14. General News about Key and his Staff

    This man is the 8th grade coach. We are doing some serious outreach now.
  15. Path to the Draft

    Wow. Never would’ve thought that.
  16. Damon Stoudamire

    Commas are your friend.
  17. Mascot Competition Champion - BUZZ

    He identified as Buzz.
  18. Mascot Competition Champion - BUZZ

    Well, we won something.
  19. I ran into J Batt at the Braves game!

    J is packing heat!