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  1. Mercer, Baseball

    Back to back to back for Mercer
  2. Softball

    A losss, but she graduated so get that she may want to go somewhere else. We recruited a catcher last year so I can't imagine we expected her to stay.
  3. Softball

    Team needs alot of help from Pitt to make the ACC tourney. I really like Morales but we should not be struggling to make the ACC tourney in year six of her reign and be this far behind newer programs like Duke and Clemson. She needs to find some pitching.
  4. @Miami, Baseball

    Season is close to be over. But he’s earned the right to walk away. All this talent wasted

    The offense for both teams wore white and the defense wore gold. One had to pay attention to what sideline they were on to know who was who. I thought king the best qb today but not by much. Attendance was pretty good I was in the west stands and things filled in over in the lower east. I’d...
  6. NIL, Transfers, and Stratospheric Salaries. What Is the Future of GT Football and College Football in General?

    This is what is going to happen right up until the athletes are paid as employees of the schools (and this coming soon). And that will finish off college sports for alot of schools. How can a cash strapped school like Tech pay ALL its SA's salaries. How can they compete against other larger...
  7. Mutts

    So almost the "whole team" and the female recruiting staff were in a strip club at 0200? Who was paying the tabs? But don't worry, there is not a culture problem in Athens.
  8. The round of 64 starts today! What’s your favorite GT March Madness moment?

    Kenny’s shot against MSU. It was the night before my graduation
  9. Damon Stoudamire

    I like the hire. Instant credibility in a living room. "You wanna play in the Association, I know that game. You wanna plan for the next 40 years of your life, Tech does that". We should be back in the mix on serious blue chips with this one. Get some of those NBA alums to open up for NIL...
  10. ROLL CALL FOR 2023 SEASON: (let's fix our attendance problem)

    Renewed at Tech and West Point, looking forward to my annual Fall logistic challenge!
  11. Mutts

    I am curious what kind of liability the luxury car company in Ohio has. I assume Carter was not paying for or was the owner of that car. And I assume he was being paid as a representative of the company as part of his NIL deal. At the least that makes him a contractor to that company.
  12. GT vs Louisville (2/25/23) - SENIOR DAY GAME THREAD

    Bobby would be proud of those minutes played. "Thin Gold Line"
  13. 2023 Gt Schedule - better, about the same or as bad as in the CPJ era

    Thanks! Since Friday night is HS football, Primetime will do us no good. Really questioning the game in the "Benz" decision.
  14. 2023 Gt Schedule - better, about the same or as bad as in the CPJ era

    So when is it? I am coming from out of town.
  15. 2023 Gt Schedule - better, about the same or as bad as in the CPJ era

    I thought the Louisville game was a Saturday kick?
  16. IF Pastner is fired, who would be a good hire to replace him?

    I don't think Bosh ever got a degree, I think that is a requirement. Id rather have Kenny Anderson if we are going former players. We need a name to recruit because when he is fired, we could have to replace the entire roster.
  17. What the...?

    Worse home loss since we joined the ACC. And given Dwayne Morrison's teams, that is epic.
  18. When does Pastner feel heat

    Let them go. If they think they can light it up at another P5 school they can have at it. I saw alot of players playing with little heart last night, losing doesn't seem to bother anyone on this team, including the coach.
  19. Game Day - Clemson Edit v1.24

    Mass exodus will allow the new coach to easily fill out a roster. This team doesn't have Patriot team talent