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  1. Russell Contract?

    Nike or bust. The rest of them look cheap and crappy in almost every design. UA, Adidas, Russell all look meh in my opinion. The Nike stuff just looks like better quality. Apparel wise, UA stuff today is all either urine yellow or navy no white clothing. Please make it Nike.
  2. Stansbury Already Doing Work

    I agree more students in the seats would be better. But it's really really hard to change people. And what is the impetus for this change? Winning? I kind of doubt it will fully solve the problem. We don't have a culture of filling up stadiums because getting tickets is looked at as a given...
  3. Stansbury Already Doing Work

    Not enough students attending games to me is the same thing as too many student seats. It's the same supply demand problem. I have no idea about how many seats were along the sideline but the south stands are overkill. Blow it up, put in a shaded party pavilion
  4. Stansbury Already Doing Work

    I think the problem here is a supply/demand problem... too many seats, can't create demand. Fans buy $10 scalped tickets, I basically buy season tickets because i want GT to succeed and I am happy to give them money. Not because it is a deal. Anything that gets rid of seats is a good idea to...
  5. New league to help or hurt?

    Exactly! How much AAA baseball do you watch, it has better players than college baseball? I bet none. College football has history, tradition, pageantry all things this league would not have. Also I bet it would be full of kids who went to IMG high school so there would be little to no...
  6. Shovel Pass

    Yea... Gimme some of that Chan offense that the Jets have!
  7. I've Been Out of The Loop - Quaide?

    I think calling those fumbles similar is a disservice to Justin's non "fumble". Quaide was still moving forward and churning, though they never blew the whistle. Justin was moving backwards. I had no problem with the call on Quaide.
  8. Bobby Dodd Experience Improvements

    Doesn't matter complainers will still complain. Good try though!
  9. baffling Oline still struggling

    I saw in the FSU game you can see our guards getting grabbed and turned by the DT as the are running towards the Mike. I thought I just had maybe never noticed it, but it seemed extremely effective at screwing us up. The thing that drives me nuts is when seemingly half the line is totally...
  10. Best fight song.

    I would say the current version is gender equitable. Neither is implied as a student more than the other. The boy yells the girl cheers. Honestly the daughter is at least on campus, the son could be anywhere yelling. Good intentions, but plain stupid. If I had a gender neutral human child sir...
  11. Neutral site game - Charlotte/Nashville?

    Yea unless there's some history there, college football is all about being on campus. Have you ever been to Charlottesville in the fall. It's really nice, they don't care about football to much there and many people are snooty, but it's gorgeous. VT is a cool atmosphere at the stadium, and...
  12. Notre Dame experience.

    Was sitting literally on the field in the end zone. Maybe I was too far away from their student section? I dunno, very quiet. Also, their band was on the other side of the stadium.
  13. Not interchangeable

    I think the nature of the system mitigates risk. Tons of backs touch the ball and get PT especially on the edge. Where this becomes much tougher, is when all your starters are 1st year starters. Snoddy has been a role player, Summers has been a solid guy blocking? I guess. When we are looking...
  14. Notre Dame experience.

    Quietest 80,000 people of all time. Wouldn't consider it intimidating which does not account for all off the unnecessary time outs... For a school with loads of money, unbelievable that there is no jumbo tron and are just now building luxury boxes, especially with the cold winter weather. I...
  15. Our History in Pivotal Games

    Like Coach Johnson says each win makes the next one bigger. Silly question. As a GT fan we are internally consumed with the feeling that we will eventually blow it, but have the hope that this time will be different. I have faith that JT has "it" and will keep us from fudging it. There is no...
  16. Under The Lights with Adam Gotsis

    Ice breakers are the best! Who's your spirit animal?
  17. GT on ACC Gridiron Live Tonight 10PM EST

    Errbody on that show picked us to win... Demonstration effectively was just look how much harder our offense is as a QB than a read option shotgun team. Less distance between QB and Dlinemen makes for quicker decisions and less visibility to what's going on.
  18. For those going to South Bend -- idea for Cubs game Friday

    I'm going! Got tix with my wife and some other friends!
  19. Tell me this isn't true - Byerly injury

    The fact that we still have to play Tulane is a good thing. Gives whoever the backup is right now the opportunity to get some meaningful PT and give Bylerly another week to recover with less risk of losing.
  20. Tell me this isn't true - Byerly injury

    2 unmentioned plays. 1 - 2012 VT Tev got rocked running toward the sidelinein OT 2nd to last play, you could tell he was woozy then threw that interception and we lost. That was the only time I ever saw Tevin hurtin 2 - 2013 Miami JT got blind sided after spelling Vad and he was taken out of...