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  1. Should Hall Retire? (Poll)

    Clean house
  2. ACC Baseball Tournament

    End the misery J Batt
  3. UVA, Baseball

    We don’t have to worry about where a sweep would put us in the rpi rankings, lol. We are getting smashed in game one . Have to win the ACC tourney now
  4. UVA, Baseball

    Maybe we get one
  5. Starting Over - Under on GT 2023 win total is out

    5-6 wins sounds right on the money. Team will be disciplined and play hard, but we literally have Zero studs, standouts on this team. Toughness can only take a team so far. it's all about NIL and the Jimmy's and Joe's, until that changes we are stuck in mediocrity
  6. Pitt, Baseball

    Caveman baseball all aboard..... Probably need to score 15 runs to win games this weekend
  7. Akelo "Rolling" Stone makes his way to the portal

    No sugar coating this, Huge loss for DL. I guess he's gonna get paid by an SEC team. College Football sucks now, there's almost no point even keeping up with who is on our team anymore. In the blink of an eye, they gone
  8. @Miami, Baseball

    Flushed, along with the season
  9. Linebaker Situation

    We need to land a starter in the portal in addition to what we have already brought in
  10. @Miami, Baseball

    Wax on wax off, 2 hits, lol.
  11. @Miami, Baseball

    This is the worst team we have had in a decade. I will be shocked if we scratch out a win in Miami.
  12. Virginia Tech, Baseball

    Danny hall has stained this program with mediocrity. C’mon J Batt, end the misery
  13. Spring Game Impressions

    QB's staring down their targets, no bueno
  14. Virginia Tech, Baseball

    See y’all next year , de ja vu all over again. Please for the love of st Pete, make Danny hall retire . j Batt needs to be three for three in giving head coaches their walking papers
  15. Virginia Tech, Baseball

    Welp, losing to a really bad VT team and this was the one game I thought we could win. They may put the nail in our coffin this weekend if we get swept. Turrible
  16. Auburn, Baseball

    The Ultimate Caveman cardiac Jackets win, lol. Glad we got the dub
  17. UNC, Baseball

    Stick a fork in this team, the season is done, but I’m sure Hall and Borrell will return next year, so we got that going for us, which is nice. Gungalagoonga
  18. UNC, Baseball

    Wax on, wax off, another blow out
  19. Damon Stoudamire

    Rumor is that CDS is having a difficult time getting anyone to join the staff.
  20. UNC, Baseball

    With Borrell and Hall making the decisions, par for the course. I don't get it either......just some good ol Hall ball