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  1. Mutts

    How in the He** is that even possible with the NCAA progress towards a degree requirements?
  2. Talkin bout Twitter

    That does not make you a snowflake - just a grumpy old man 😁
  3. Path to the Draft

    I want a gallon of whatever he’s drinking 🤣
  4. Midtown’s Magic 🎱 @ NIL

    That is true. This has been going on for half a century (or more). The only difference today, is that it has been made so much easier. Before, the challenge was hiding the payoffs In that sense, it limited the amounts a little bit. Now that there are no guardrails, it has become the wild west.
  5. Akelo "Rolling" Stone makes his way to the portal

    If he is just testing the waters that is true. Given that he appeared to be in line to either start or be a major contributor, I think most people here expect that he has been recruited to go somewhere else.
  6. Akelo "Rolling" Stone makes his way to the portal

    If he lands at Ole Miss next week, then we know what happened. :mad:
  7. Linebaker Situation

    Transferred to Charlotte
  8. Coach Prime to Colorado

    This is his first time coaching at this level. Maybe he doesn't realize he's allowed 85 players 🤣
  9. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    Not a chance - the average dwag wouldn't have the first clue what a bookstore was - much less what one looked like. 🤣
  10. Portal Watch 2022-23

    This disappoints me a little bit. His HS tape was amazing and I really thought he would eventually grow into a stud SDE for us.

    You know, every time I hear him talk I just pray that he is wildly successful because I want him around for a long time!
  12. General News about Key and his Staff

    Nicely done 👍
  13. Legacies

    Agreed bad verbiage
  14. Legacies

    I agree that this is just a poorly worded statement which conflates admitted with enrolled. Typically for colleges, for every 3-4 people you accept, 1 person enrolls. (Sadly the number of truly college qualified students is not as big as one would think and they tend to have a lot of options.)...
  15. CDS staff speculation.

    Well if they are doing a background check, then you are doomed 🤣
  16. Leo Blackburn: suffers knee injury

    The poor kid just can't get a break! And it stinks for GT b/c most recruiters thought he would be Tech's most talented player coming out of high school.
  17. Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    You are correct. There will always be the possibility that TFG is the SECOND WORST coach in GT history. I do think from this point onward, though, that there will always be a debate. :)
  18. NIL, Transfers, and Stratospheric Salaries. What Is the Future of GT Football and College Football in General?

    Here is an idea... I'll admit there are issues with it, but it may be a starting point. Originally NIL was supposed to be sponsoring a player independent of the school he attends, but we have seen that is not the way it has played out. Therefore, we either need to put rules in place that any...
  19. Toughness a defining trait in Georgia Tech quarterback derby

    So this begs the question: "Did they win games because they were tough, or do we remember them as tough because they won games?"
  20. Damon Stoudamire

    This gif is mildly amusing until you notice that a moderator posted it 😂