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  1. 2023 Adidas SWAG Watch

    Oh please and thank you. These look way better than what we’ve had
  2. GT @ Ole Miss

    I need a place to sleep for 2 people. That’s it. No kitchen or anything else. Two beds. I haven’t even begun to look. Is it really that bad?
  3. GT @ Ole Miss

    I'm coming from Atlanta so Batesville is on the wrong side. Ideally it'd be somewhere I could get an Uber to/from.
  4. GT @ Ole Miss

    In Memphis? I realize it's not a long way away but I'm not driving to Memphis after a day of tailgating and watching Kiffin cry.
  5. General News about Key and his Staff

    Then that would be us offering a kid a gift valued at $100
  6. Linebaker Situation

    Is the class column by eligibility or school year? Is White a Senior by academic progress or is this his last year of eligibility?
  7. Linebaker Situation

    I think Tatum has a good chance to start. He’s been first guy off the bench last season. He could be ready to take a step
  8. Toughness a defining trait in Georgia Tech quarterback derby

    Wish Jaybo had stayed to become first string for us. Did well at Southern. Also doing very well in the high school coaching ranks now. I can easily see him moving up to a P5 position coach within the next 3-5 years.
  9. Clemson, Baseball

    Part of me wants to agree but with our pitching issues, save any innings we can seems like a good idea.
  10. Clemson, Baseball

    So I guess I don’t understand the run rule. I thought they switched to if you were up 10 at the end of 7 that was ball game. Or is that only is certain conferences? Obviously ring up 13 at the end of 6 would have triggered that.
  11. ProJackets Update

    I think several of the bigger names have given but wanted to stay out of the picture. Plus a big check to us is small to them. Tex and Kutcher are more known because they’ve been vocal about it.
  12. GT/FSU Ireland 2024

    Just pointing out the frustrations from what I hear. Not saying I agree/disagree. I think neutral site games or games in cool stadiums are fun. Yes, they take away a true home game for someone but I'm sure revenue wise, it makes sense or ACC/GT/FSU wouldn't do it. Creating a buzz or having...
  13. Current ACC Baseball Statistics

    Looking through some of the stats, looks like bats are fine, good not great. Pitching is absolutely terrible so far this season. Surprisingly, our fielding is middle of the road for ACC so can't blame errors. Still could be better it's not our issue.
  14. GT/FSU Ireland 2024

    We also have ND as a home game in 2024. 6 true home games, 5 away, 1 neutral. Point is, the season ticket packages aren't necessarily any cheaper so paying full price for 5 games is a tough sell when you're used to getting 6 maybe 7. A lot on this board, I've noticed, weren't thrilled with 2022...
  15. Auburn, Baseball

    In my professional experience, those two things alone will lead to more wins and less loses
  16. Auburn, Baseball

    I suggest we score more runs. And give up less runs. That’s my suggestion.
  17. Notre Dame, Baseball

    50% of all midweek games are road games
  18. Lipscomb, baseball

    I could be wrong but I believe Campbell’s first name is with a K. Christian Campbell was a football player we had a few years back.
  19. 2022-23 Season

    I do agree we are lucky to be undefeated, however, in a few situations we should have looked even better. Does feel like CDH has stretched some pitchers or let them finish an outing because we had a big lead. End of LIU game for example. Offense has looked even better than I expected, Finley...
  20. Tennessee Tech, Baseball

    Depends which site. One had us at 49 others don’t go out that far and no votes. While we’re undefeated, the competition hasn’t been great besides georgia southern.