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  1. So how do people feel about Brent Key and Geoff Collins-

    Remember Brent Key was a major contributor at UCF which was not “Alabama” and TStan had a close up view of his performance. And yes it is an upgrade of enormous proportions.
  2. So how do people feel about Brent Key and Geoff Collins-

    I have a lot of confidence in a staff made up of successful college and professional athletes who graduated from GT and other colleges, Geoff knows, experienced coaches, and think that we can achieve big goals. We must’ve gotten some Dodd luck.
  3. Brent Key; Hiring Details....

    We have a great AD a great HC and a wonderful new staff. We might not deserve these new breaks but we got them. So let’s go enjoy and support them. Go Jackets.
  4. Bamer staffing woes

    Key Bamer supporter last night said losing Key “that one hurts”.
  5. 2019 Offseason Thread

    What about ACC when Notre Dame comes in for football.
  6. Brent Key expected to join Georgia Tech staff

    Agree Madison. The 2007 class happened because of Geoff and Giff Smith. We can do that. We go to Pennsylvania for DLmen etc. Just need a few linemen that can pass calculus. We can do that. I’m estatic with the potential this staff brings.
  7. Official GT announcement, OC and DC

    I think with an AD that gets GT and HC that has dreamed of being at GT we are the luckiest alumni in the world and in this New Year season should thank the lord for everything. God bless.
  8. Biggest holes to fill O&D 2019

    Sewak gone.
  9. Chances Tech reaches the pinnacle?

    Yes. I took my son and sat in the condemned stadium. Watched Rampley and black watch defense beat MSU.
  10. ACC Football Thread

    Houston with their tv market and recruiting base.
  11. The "Collins effect "........

    I wasn’t replying to you. Sorry was pointing out to others earlier about broad curriculum.
  12. The "Collins effect "........

    I have a B.E.E. Degree but am real impressed by the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. Everyone should review what’s offered there both undergraduate and graduate majors. Very broad and can really prepare students for our world today.
  13. CGC just a short note

    We have an AD that was Associate Athletic Director for Academics under Homer Rice with OLeary as HC. Coach Collins coached and recruited for him successfully and was promoted. Came back and recruited our best class in years. Hired by Saban and recruited his turn around class. Coached under...
  14. "Football for Fun" 1952 philosophy returning to the Flats?

    My first cfb live game was 1956 Gator Bowl with GT vs Pittsburgh. Dodd had the team at the beach preparing for the game playing volleyball. Pitt was scrimmaging. We won 21-14. Belly series option offense 2 way players. Collins like Dodd says a big fast smart player can beat the other guy. Best...
  15. Moving On

    I was there and he threw 38 passes and 4 interceptions. Best game ever.
  16. Potential Head Coach Hires

    I think that Finneran’s rumor was irresponsible reporting and caused a lot of unnecessary consternation. Todd is a pro and will make the best long term decision for GT. He has had his list for months probably and will interview. He played at Tech, was Associate Athletic Director for Academics...
  17. Moving On

    Well thought out. Ga Tech is a sleeping giant that I credit Paul Johnson for starting to wake us all up. His style showed that a smart athlete going against a better athlete through option oriented offense can win. Add same concepts to defense and raise our recruiting a line win the Coastal and...
  18. Potential Head Coach Hires

    FSU never stopped Fridgen and mixed in the option.
  19. Potential Head Coach Hires

    TStan will do a great job.