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  1. B1G expansion?

    What is the donations per alumni? I dont think there are nearly enough of us compared to PSU. Plus that previous "coach" really destroy a significant amount of fan support. Posts like this really don't tell the complete story and I tire of all this bash the fan base when in fact I am...
  2. B1G expansion?

    I dont see the BIG wanting to take 2 in NC. They are after eyeballs and Duke sucks at footbal and NC has a chance to be decent. Take one in the state to get the higher $ viewer dollar. No need for 2. Its nice to think Tech is a no brainer with the ATL population density and the high big...
  3. Coach Prime to Colorado

    Yet they sold out season tickets for the first time in 27 years

    Most fans don't give a rats butt what offense we run as long as it wins games. At some point you need to learn that and stop with the the continual subtle digs at the other offenses. Just let it go.
  5. Damon Stoudamire

    At least we are consistent
  6. Damon Stoudamire

    You know after everything that has gone on during that time and his inability to turn the program around in these agonizingly long 2 weeks. Maybe its time to start looking for a new coach?
  7. Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    It was in general a good move to go to BSEE. It removed a few classes and let the student take more electives in their area of major. BEE 89 and i was frustrated how little specialization I could get due to all the required EE courses. Yes it made it "easier" to get the BSEE but better. And...
  8. Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    Yep! Worst coach of all time
  9. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    In all honesty, FSU, Miami, GT and Virginia are part of the problem. We were supposed to be regularly nationally relevant with big time match-ups in conference. If it were not for Clemson it would be far worse. Had we all stayed regularly in the top 10 and top 20 we would not be having this...
  10. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    I think this is the key and why we have a good shot at going there. Location, Location, Location plus aligned academics
  11. Have you ever randomly met any GT athletes/coaches?

    Oh,, I totally forgot about SAC. I played pick up games with Kenny Anderson and Dennis Scott. I also play a lot with the kid from England. Kenny defied the laws of Physics. Fastest acceleration I have ever seen on the court in person. I could usually stay with most any guard but he made me...
  12. Have you ever randomly met any GT athletes/coaches?

    But more importantly, lets do a deep dive into what he was wearing and how tight and short his pants were
  13. Whisenhunt to Bama

    we could have won 4 games per year over a 3 year period
  14. Have you ever randomly met any GT athletes/coaches?

    A really nice guy. I think he said he lives in Mount Pleasant
  15. Have you ever randomly met any GT athletes/coaches?

    I was at Isle of Palms a few weeks ago and met a backup QB during the Hamilton years at a bar. Then I was at a coffee shop the next day and had a tech shirt on and this lady said high and said she was Ralph Friedgen's Wife and lives a few blocks away. I got out in 89 and other than chatting...
  16. Legacies

    I dont mind legacies not getting in over more qualified candidates. But it really bugs me when they are actively discriminated against in favor of less qualified students. Its just odd. Its not like it would fill up the whole student body with Legacies. It is so DUMB. It cant be more than...
  17. Legacies

    I did the same thing when one of my daughters did not initially get in and had much higher qualifications over other kids in her HS who did get in. She eventually made it in and graduated with a CS degree but it did not stop the damage they did. I cut all my academic donations and changed...
  18. Obscure Vocabulary Words

    Flying Elephants, Staplers, and obscure words no one or everyone uses
  19. Is this our best coaching staff of all time?

    I heard TFG is the illegitimate son of Bill Lewis.