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  1. Film Study - Defense vs UGAg

    I believe UGAg had only 3 offensive possessions in the 2nd half.
  2. Wondering if anyone saw this?

    Expect an ESPN suspension for Galloway for blatant disrespect to the SEC.
  3. An idea to think about

    This whole "players like/dislike him" thing is dumb. There are 100+ players on a team at any given time. Of course not all of them are going to like him. Football teams are just like any other company/business. There are going to be some employees that like the boss and some that don't.
  4. I want a run first pro style offense

    This. The triple option without a passing threat isn't going to cut it anymore now that the novelty has worm off and opponents are better at scheming and executing against it. From what I have observed, it is my opinion that there will be no credible passing threat in the near future. I was at...
  5. Depth and Conditioning

    UGA didn't punt in the second half. From 1:43 remaining in the 2nd quarter to the end of regualtion, they had no turnovers, 3 td's and 2 fg's. I have no idea what this means, just putting it out there.
  6. What is your current opinion of CPJ?

    To use the old presidential debate line: "Is GT football better off now than it was at the end of 2007?" I don't see any compelling arguments that it is.
  7. New Special Teams Coordinator

    So Griffin was running around with Walkosky's wife? I enjoy my simple life.
  8. New Special Teams Coordinator

    From his GT bio: "A 1992 New Hampshire graduate, Griffin and wife, Lisa, have three children - Molly, Cullen and Garrett." Link: So having an affair gets you fired from your job?
  9. GT had more players drafted than UGA

    Texas didn't have a single player drafted. Hard to believe with all the 4/5 star guys they get. I hope the same fate befalls UGA soon.
  10. Custis, Hunt-Days not eligible for ’14 football season

    Neither Gailey or Johnson had any extensive experience in recruiting at this level when they came to GT. Not trying to say its easy but I don't subscribe to the belief that recruiting is impossible at GT based off a sample size of two coaches.
  11. Matt Griffin no longer on staff

    Then what is the reason? Was he fired, asked to resign, or flat out quit for another job?
  12. post spring Q&A with CPJ

    It drives me crazy watching opposing defenses cheat the secondary up to the line and then see the ball snapped and ran right into these waiting defenders. How hard can it be to have some type of quick slant audible at the line when they see this? After hearing CPJ's remarks at lunch bunch a...
  13. How many people do you think will be there Friday?

    First year its going to be available on ESPN3 too. I don't expect a very big crowd.
  14. CPJ "lunch bunch" report

    I was there. He made comments to the effect of "getting back to what we are good at" so I wouldn't expect any thing substantial this year.
  15. Coaching Staff Changes and Thoughts

    Are these changes expected before or after NSD?
  16. How do we fix this nightmare....

    It would be hard to right now so late into the game. The best plan would be a well thought out course, nothing rash. This should have been implemented in early December. So for now I saw allow PJ to finish the year while building up your new staff using back channels and put it into action after...
  17. Addressing the Vad Lee situation

    I few thoughts. I realize they aren't the most positive but I am putting them on this board b/c I like the honest football discussions that take place here: This is bad. Really bad. I asked for other examples of starting QB's transferring that didn't involve head coach/offensive coordinator...
  18. Addressing the Vad Lee situation

    Chicken or the egg argument. Are we not passing more b/c it isn't working, or is it not working b/c we don't pass more.
  19. Coaching Carousel

    Not going to happen. I read somewhere that Monken was making in the low 200k's at GSU and Bobo is making close to 600k at UGA. That would be a heck of a pay cut.
  20. Head Coach Model

    I posted something similar to this on another board this morning. I believe the biggest difficulty facing GT right now is attracting players. I also believe that there are enough players out there who are really good at football and smart enough to get through GT. Hire a CEO HC and let the...