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  1. Zamari Walton transfer

  2. Stansbury hired at NCSU

    Exactly. Idiot is understatement. And low iq
  3. Let's be honest when it was 17-0 what were you expecting

    Then take a knee and punt. What an excuse Making loser
  4. AD Candidate List

    eh, scouts make suggestions. GMs and owners make the decisions. You are not entirely correct, many owners the buck stops with them on the choice of creating a roster. Some dont. So I don't entirely agree. NFL owners are all involved in contracts College AD's have ZERO to do with evaluating and...
  5. AD Candidate List

    with college sports becoming minor league pro ball I do not think too much the business way is a problem all MLB and NFL owners are business men....they get it and thrive. None of them were institutional or government employees....
  6. AD Candidate List

    my opinion. screw people at schools and already in athletics. None of them get the business and contracts world hire a CEO type, a person who ran their own business; not someone who occupied a corporate seat that got promoted, gets running a true company; their own company....not running a...
  7. Does the AD need to be hired first before a coach?

    I can confirm tech will wait on the new AD
  8. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    This is a fact And i am first person privy to talking about hugh freeze too (edit to say talking to the gtaa board members)
  9. That should be Geoff’s last game as head coach

    Its funny how teams with coaches who lack discipline and hug alot all stink. Hmmmm
  10. Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    Probably cuz he gone tomorrow
  11. Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    As soon as schools realize the athletic associations need to be run by actual businessmen that are from the real world, not academia entrenched folks who are little more than government beaurocrats, the better they will be. All athletics is now is running a business organization. Period. Tv...
  12. If a change is made...

    Nothing is wrong with him. It was stansbury posting and his interest in patrino makes sense. Todd is an idiot beyond all idiots. Been saying it for years. Now only are folks listening
  13. Ole Miss @ GT

    Because our coaches define dumb
  14. Fire Collins

    Like cpj said. I think when u look back u will realize what we did. Lol Oh. Bye todd
  15. Fire Collins

    Agreed. The formation alone is wrong. Period. Especially when guys are so ignorant and uncoached
  16. #WCUvsGT Postgame Discussion

    Who hasn’t looked generally better prepared vs tech in the collins era? Lol.
  17. #WCUvsGT Postgame Discussion

    We went from the chan 7 to the collins 3 with a paul option in between.
  18. #WCUvsGT Postgame Discussion

    Another 3 win season
  19. CGC Radio Show

    I will give u the reason clough. Its that simple. Started there.