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  1. wuzjrbuzz

    How good are we?

    Good team who could be 8-1, 7-2 easily. I have always been a fan of Paul Johnson, best coach at Tech since Dodd, and one of the very best in the country. Let's run the table.
  2. wuzjrbuzz

    It is time for a coaching change

    Ignore function, it is not worth engaging folks who are calling you names. Trust me on this one :). We can all disagree, but I am glad you are a Tech fan.
  3. wuzjrbuzz

    It is time for a coaching change

    I love the ignore function
  4. wuzjrbuzz

    It is time for a coaching change

    Funny thing, I can leave these types of forums for years, come back for a glimpse, and it is the same discussions, name calling, jump on the new guy, etc. Great way to build support for GT football!
  5. wuzjrbuzz

    It is time for a coaching change

    No way GT fires Paul Johnson. This is not a football factory. Look at the last 50 years, and outside of a handful of outliers, particularly 1990, this is GT football, and that is not a put down. We will win around 6 games a season with the occasional 9+ season. Look it up.
  6. wuzjrbuzz

    It is time for a coaching change

    I don't care to even debate this, fine, you win
  7. wuzjrbuzz

    It is time for a coaching change

    Score 41 vs UT and 36 vs UV, not a problem with the offense. How many seasons have we had decent teams on offense with defensive and special team meltdowns... it is almost predictable at this point. Getting to old to sweat this anymore. Still, I have season tickets and will pull for GT as I have...
  8. wuzjrbuzz

    #74 Georgia Tech 2016 Preview via Orlando Sentinel

    Not a bad write up by an Orlando reporter.
  9. wuzjrbuzz

    Justin Thomas Has Seen it All

    Just stay healthy this season, the whole team. I have never seen injuries like last season at any level, ever, and that covers a lot of years.
  10. wuzjrbuzz

    Vegas Over/Under Win Totals for 2016

    I will take the over, 8 wins and maybe a bowl win. I will take the over for Georgia Southern as well.
  11. wuzjrbuzz


    Back in the middle 80s, I called GSU for football playoff tickets. It was early one day before I left for work. A gruff voice answered, "Football". I asked, "Is this Coach Russell?" He said, "Yes sir, what can I do for you?" I told how much I appreciated what he had done in Statesboro, then he...
  12. wuzjrbuzz

    Byerly to Bback

  13. wuzjrbuzz

    Publics perception of the program

    I am seeing a noticeable increase in the amount of GT apparel in the Atlanta area. Hope it translates into increased ticket sells.
  14. wuzjrbuzz

    Chan Gailey hired by Jets...

    I've thought PJ would do a great job here, since his early days as Georgia Southern's OC. Never have doubted that he is the right man for the Tech job. Don't have fond memories of Chan's time at GT, and he was losing the fan base rapidly. He is obviously well thought of, as he continues to get...
  15. wuzjrbuzz

    Tech-UGA reaction video

    My wife is the same, huge GT fan, you can hear her for miles, either at the game or watching on TV.
  16. wuzjrbuzz

    Tech-UGA reaction video

    He did bobble it around a little, made me nervous :)
  17. wuzjrbuzz

    Francis Kallon

    "It is decidedly so"
  18. wuzjrbuzz

    Tech-UGA reaction video

    My wife and I both went nuts. This is the most satisfying victory in my 50+ years as a Tech fan. I was at the "Jasper Thanks" game, and this one beats it by light years. Did remote shots with my son, 2004 grad, and his GT buddies. What a game, and what a day, it will be with me forever. I am...
  19. wuzjrbuzz

    Glad Barry Switzer Enjoyed the Show

    Yep, and put Le'veon Bell at B-back. The more aggressive the DE is, the better.
  20. wuzjrbuzz

    Glad Barry Switzer Enjoyed the Show

    I've always been a Paul Johnson fan, have ties to Tech and GSU.