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  1. gt13

    Lipscomb, baseball

    BC took down #3 Tenn on the road in extras last night
  2. gt13

    Tennessee Tech, Baseball

    Same starters this weekend as last
  3. gt13

    Miami, Ohio Baseball

    Miami CF put together an entire season’s worth of highlight catches this weekend
  4. gt13

    Miami, Ohio Baseball

    I think the big surprise here is Dawson Brown getting the Friday start. Didn’t hear much from Danny about him during the offseason. Hope he had a big summer and fall and is ready for the ace spot.
  5. gt13

    Miami, Ohio Baseball

    Thanks for filling me in. Sounds like a nice pickup. Cautiously optimistic for a nice staff this year
  6. gt13

    Miami, Ohio Baseball

    What’s the story with Busse? Haven’t heard much. Looked him up, he is a JUCO transfer sophomore. Looks like a high K rate his freshman year, decent ERA (3.29)
  7. gt13

    I'm bored... let's predict the UNIFORMS for the upcoming season.

    It’s simple Home day game: GGW Home night game: GNW Road game: GWG
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    #POSTGAME uga 37 - GT 14

    Jackets looked like the better team in the first half playing a classic Key brand of football. Key has my vote.
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    Week 1 #CFAKickoff #CLEMvsGT Predictions

    GT 21 Clem 17
  10. gt13

    2022 GT Roster Ranked 30th Nationally in 247 Talent Composite

    Looks like just HS ranking. It’s coaching and strength of schedule IMO. Southern Cal is 11th, USCe is 20th, Stanford 22nd, etc. talent isn’t everything
  11. gt13

    2022 GT Roster Ranked 30th Nationally in 247 Talent Composite

    Just published today I believe: 30th most talented roster in the nation, 5th in ACC (behind Clemson, Miami, UNC, FSU - all teams we play this year). Up from 33rd last year, 50th in 2018.
  12. gt13

    I have a gut feeling.

    I’ve seen a lot of people say they can’t find any reason for positivity. What do you think about having a third year QB, 70-80% new coaching staff, what is likely to be improved overall OL depth, and the fact that we are facing a lot of teams who have a lot of question marks themselves? Just...
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    Time to break in a new uniform thread - 2022 edition

    They nailed the template. Everything looks great. The gold jersey isn’t quite metallic enough but I’m guessing that’s not really possible to do anymore based on the previous several renditions of our gold jerseys (and everyone else’s).
  14. gt13

    Is It time?

    It wouldn’t surprise me to beat any of these teams (especially this year): WCU Duke UNC UVA VT FSU Pitt UCF even Miami I would be surprised if we beat Clemson uga or ole miss Think this years team will be better than last years team which lost to UVA by 8, VT by 9, Miami by 3
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    Time to break in a new uniform thread - 2022 edition

    But when will we wear white white navy?
  16. gt13

    For the good of college football

    We would be the first tier of college football. The factories would be the second tier of NFL
  17. gt13

    For the good of college football

    I am in favor of the big programs with essentially unlimited funds breaking off and form their own semi pro league, NFL Lite. Then the rest of us can resume actual college football
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    Pitt - Final Series of Regular Season (Th/Fri/Sat)

    Grissom threw a no hitter into the 5th I think. He had a great game
  19. gt13

    FSU Series

    For what it’s worth we have the second hardest schedule in the nation up to this point and we are 8th in RPI after the loss. A lot of those losses came without one of the best weapons in college baseball too (Simpson). Agree we make a lot of little mistakes that add up and end up costing us a...
  20. gt13

    USC Upstate

    Softball cancelled, I would imagine baseball will be soon too unfortunately