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  1. Matt E

    24/7 CGC Interview

    Gator was a New Year’s Day bowl. 99-00. Peach was 01, played on New Year’s Eve. I guess you would rather hear these great one liners instead of CGC’s positive spin and pushing of the program: - nobody wins a national championship with less than a 75k stadium - Go look at the history of this...
  2. Matt E

    Season in review.

    Every team in America basically runs the exact same formation on punt return
  3. Matt E

    Who’s not coming back for their Sr season?

    Ajani Kerr was out there for senior day. He is a RS-JR
  4. Matt E

    Virginia Postgame

    Couple that with the fact that if we succeeded in stopping the 2 pt play and get a quick TD and extra point, we could still give up a FG and only be down by 8, making it a 1 score game. Obviously it took us longer than we would have liked to move down the field, but that was an important play
  5. Matt E

    I have not seen any hype videos from any of the assistant coaches lately ...

    What has changed since then: Television. The programs you cited were powerhouses at that time and household names. If you wanted to be on TV and get exposure and were a top recruit, there where 10-15 schools that provided that opportunity, many of which are on that list. Id argue that the...
  6. Matt E

    Have you seen Wesley Wells in a game lately?

    Walk ons who earn scholarships are typically told that it’s a one year deal. They have to earn it again
  7. Matt E

    Positive Note: Cape Day?

    I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one. We will all be dead and the kids coming down the road will be wanting even crazier alternates.
  8. Matt E

    Rotating QBs good or bad ?

    There can only be pros when you have two guys that are exceptional at what they do. TO is exceptional at the run game. We currently have no QB that is exceptional at the passing game. Therefore, no pros to the platoon
  9. Matt E

    Jeff Schultz Column

    From what we’ve seen so far, the athletic does a much better job reporting on GT football than the AJC
  10. Matt E

    The Lew Effect

    Not sure if you have seen the videos online, but Lew doesn’t have our guys doing focus body building stuff. A more likely scenario is we have been small and weak for years and Lew is actually doing a hell of a job catching us up. I suspect over the next few years we will see it on the field...
  11. Matt E

    Summer Workouts

    Not sure about the body building physique, but the change in amount of guys at 20+ reps @ 225 is significant. There is a reason this is the main strength test done at the combine, particularly important for OL, DL and LBs. The fact that we had SEVEN guys only at this level when Lew arrived is...
  12. Matt E

    2019 NCAA Baseball Tournament - Atlanta Regional

    I hear you, but we didn’t lose either of the games in this regional because of poor pitching. Horrid base running, sloppy defense, and ice cold bat against Auburn twice did us in. If pitching were the issue, I’d gladly agree with the argument.
  13. Matt E

    So who leaves? Attrition.

    No way to know. Let me ask you a question: if coach met with a player after spring practice and plainly stated “after evaluation in winter conditioning and spring practice, we don’t think you’ll see the field here. If you want to play significant minutes, you may want to check out your...
  14. Matt E

    Coach Key on Twitter today

    Some folks have very thin skin. What do you expect the new staff to say? Let's keep the status quo? That would be one hell of a hashtag..... I for one appreciate the new staffs attitude that they are going to make GT better. Elevate the program beyond where we are. That isn't a slap in PJs...
  15. Matt E

    How Good Was Coach Johnson at Tech?

    In the GOL years the Gator Bowl was above the Peach. The goal for the team was the play a new years day bowl. The Gator fit this and the peach did not.
  16. Matt E

    Assistants from Temple

    Thacker intrigues me. I love seeing a young, tough, energetic guy running the D. I’m assuming since Woody runs a 3-4 he is out.
  17. Matt E

    ACC Football Thread

    Clemson is sleep walking. They need to give to Etienne 25 times
  18. Matt E

    It seems that we may have money

    Add improving our technique on pass sets vs what we have been coaching our OL to do on pass blocking and it could be ok. My main concern is we have 95% of our OL that are guard/center bodies vs traditional tackle bodies. I’ll have to look hard at the roster, but you need 6’5 + style tackles...
  19. Matt E

    Joe Hamilton on 680

    With all due respect, if a head coaching candidate doesn’t want to come to GT because of something a former QB said.....he isn’t the right guy for the gig. Today’s social media platforms have turned former big name players at tons of programs into advocates or adversary’s of the current coach...
  20. Matt E

    Attendance Next Year - Predictions Please

    Hopefully this is an emotional post. For example, I hope we don’t hire Monken, but if he is the guy I’ll have my *** in Bobby Dodd because I love my school. Once the hire is made we have to get behind the coach, if he was your choice or not.