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  1. Chattjacket

    Tech wearing G/G/W vs Ole Miss

    The GGW looks great from the stands.
  2. Chattjacket

    Neon Deion

    Considering the likely volume of media and others reaching out to the athletic department today due to BayBay, GTWBB, and GTVB, it's totally understandable that they didn't immediate take the call. To think otherwise seems to me to be reaching for another reason to be mad at TStan or Collins.
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    Someone talk me into going to the game Saturday night.

    I totally understand the cautiousness. I've gone back and forth on going due to covid risk and the lack of mitigation factors in place this year. But if history is a good indicator, the upper north will be pretty empty for a low-level nonconference game. My plan is to go say hello to the folks...
  4. Chattjacket

    Ticket exchange

    I've got 4 for tonight (section 205 row 4 seats 11 & 12; row 5 seats 13 & 14) that I unfortunately can't use due to the flu going through my family. Free to a good home. PM me if interested.
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    Recommendations for First Time to Clemson

    Thanks for the recommendations! Looking forward to tomorrow!
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    Recommendations for First Time to Clemson

    My wife are going to Clemson on Thursday and it will be our first time going to a game there. I'm looking for some recommendations from folks that have made the trip before. Looking for good places to park, recommended restaurants, pregame things to see, etc. Also, we're assuming we'll need to...
  7. Chattjacket

    Okogie to the T-Wolves at #20 overall

    I feel conflicted also. I love seeing him show out, but as a Spurs fan it kills me. Desperately needed a wing defender and he was there at 18.
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    UNC @ GT Tuesday @ 7PM

    I like Eades, but it's for a weird reason. Back when I was a student and the Swarm "seats" were the risers behind the basket, he was calling what I believe was GT/WF. He made a call in GT's favor which required an inbounds right in front of me. As he walked over with the ball I said something...
  9. Chattjacket

    Bye Felicia

    I was the same way growing up...always wanted Nike. Bought a pair of adidas running shoes with Boost a few years ago and loved them. Decided to give them a try when I needed new basketball shoes later that year and got the Lillards. They're the best basketball shoes I've ever owned.
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    Want two free tickets to the Yale game?

    I always park in the big lot behind Perry. It's the one with the big electronic sign you can see from the interstate. My parking permit at Tech was in the AMC lot for a couple of years and the Perry lot was one of the lots GT Parking said was available for cars to be moved to during games. My...
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    How I became a GT basketball fan

    It sounds like my GT fandom story overlaps with several here. Big college bball fan growing up that basically bounced to whatever team was good (Kentucky & Duke... yeah, I know ) being my favorite. Decided in '01 to attend GT, so they immediately became my team. First year on campus was the...
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    Player suspensions

    Hate it for the guys that they'll miss the trip to China over this too.
  13. Chattjacket

    Two Free Tech vs. Jax State Tickets

    I've got two I can't use. PM me your email address and I'll send them along.
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    Chick-fil-a Kickoff Tickets Thread

    The tickets I posted about have all been sold now. Thanks!
  15. Chattjacket

    Chick-fil-a Kickoff Tickets Thread

    The UNC tickets have been sold.
  16. Chattjacket

    Chick-fil-a Kickoff Tickets Thread

    Yep. I figured I'd try and help him sell his extras to get GT fans in the seats instead of risking it on Stubhub. I also owed him a favor since he gave me a deal on his GT/uga tix in 2014.
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    Chick-fil-a Kickoff Tickets Thread

    No. He bought the season tickets so he could go to that game and the uga game. Sorry!
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    Chick-fil-a Kickoff Tickets Thread

    So I've got a friend that's a uga fan (yeah, I know...) that purchased season tickets so he could attend the UT and uga games. He's looking to sell the remaining seats, and I'm trying to help him so there are GT fans in those seats the rest of the games. It's a pair of tickets in section 213 row...
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    GT Faces Indiana in the NIT

    I'm pretty sure postseason prices are set by the tournament. Hewitt did the same thing for us in 2003 when we hosted Ohio State.
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    What is your definition of success for the next 3 years?

    This is pretty much where I'm at, except I don't think we'll get to .500 next year based on the strength of the conference and our lack of returning impact players. That expectation changes if he can add an impact player to the current recruiting class. As much as it hurts to say it, I would be...