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    latest hype video

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    What needs to happen for you to want to keep CPJ?

    He is all 4 plus another 5
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    I gave up..

    This! Great win guys! 4-0! I love CPJ!
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    Just Sayin....4-0

    Fire CPJ! This team won't win 6 games! He cant recruit either! No, wait...wrong thread! Hell Yeah 4-0 Baby!
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    Jemea was cut and just added to their practice squad. He's protected for the season on the Cowboys roster. I'm very happy as a Cowboys fan. Great chance for him to develop more and compete next year in training camp.
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    Cowboy Season Ticket Holder here. Hope he sticks - Front Office liked him alot Nice Scouting Report on Jemea on the Cowboys Site
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    lack of passing game

    And Championships??
  8. Arkfbplayer52

    lack of passing game

    Oh so you are one of those fans
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    lack of passing game

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    PJ Davis comment on practice

    I bet you are a blast at social events :D
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    Scrimmage notes 4/5

    You are easily one of my favorite members on the board who's opinion I like. You know football.
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    Dee Ford is a much better player than Attaochu as a pure pass rusher. If you watched the Senior Bowl he dominated. Ford's first step as an edge pass rusher is one of the best I've seen since Freeney was at the Cuse.
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    The Saban Rule?

    I hate the way the no huddle is spreading throughout college football. It's a gimmick scheme predicated on rushing to the LOS in hopes that the defense cannot properly substitute or get aligned properly. It's taking away from the quality of the game. It should be about out scheming and beating...
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    Mel Kiper snubs Jeremiah A.

    I'm hoping for a miracle and they take Godhigh in the 7th or sign him as an UDFA
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    Mel Kiper snubs Jeremiah A.

    Good thing is NFL scouts pay attention to Mel Kiper as they do you or me...haha
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    Mel Kiper snubs Jeremiah A.

    Attachou will be a Dallas Cowboy if I'm lucky in the 3rd or 4th round (y)
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    Mel Kiper snubs Jeremiah A.

    Kiper is a joke and so is Mc**** his little counterpart. If you want NFL Draft knowledge I look to Gil Brandt, Mike Mayock, and Greg Cosell. Gil Brandt who works for Sirius Radio NFL once said a couple years ago to a caller asking about his opinion on Kiper... Gil said he has NEVER seen...
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    Academic Intimidation

    Wow, is there anyone in D-1A that even compares to Tech? I wonder GPA and Test score wise how they compare too for Student Atheltics vs Stanford