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  1. JasonJ

    BDS - what section is the best???

    Lower level of 105, on the aisle. I do like the club section but facing the sun stinks.
  2. JasonJ

    Vegas line for Ole Miss game

    Sounds right but hoping for an upset.
  3. JasonJ

    #WCUvsGT Postgame Discussion

    OL was not solid against an FCS school. DL and secondary is not even close. It is going to be a long year.
  4. JasonJ

    Georgia Tech donors see positives, but it’s time to ‘put up or shut up’

    The article may be untimely but it is spot on. If you can't get to .500 at this point it is time for a change. If they give Geoff year five to avoid the buyout, I get that too.
  5. JasonJ

    Chris Petersen - available

    Gary Patterson?
  6. JasonJ

    Get ready for Clemson!

    Sadly, I'll take it at this point!
  7. JasonJ

    Who are here on the swarm are sidewalk fans?

    That'd be me! Multiple family members graduated from GT. I went to Georgia State...pre-football
  8. JasonJ

    Time to Bury the Asterisk?

    5+ wins this season or he's gone. 5 may not even get it done. They'll be better this year but the schedule is brutal.
  9. JasonJ

    B1G expansion?

    USC and UCLA are both AAU schools. I look for GT, UVA, UNC and Dulke to move to the B1G ten.
  10. JasonJ

    Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    He is a fit with the fans and players but no so sure about the Hill.
  11. JasonJ

    For the good of college football

    It may make football better. Even if the big schools have more NIL funds, kids do not want to be 3rd string and not see the field. They need to play to make it to the NFL. If schools like GT cannot compete financially against the large football programs, I would rather see them play schools...
  12. JasonJ

    FanDuel has posted odds for 3 Tech games

    I'd say the Ole Miss and Clemson spread should be flipped. Tech needs to win 5+ and get the program headed in the right direction.
  13. JasonJ

    Coaching Upgrade?

    Overall, the coaching staff has been upgraded. We'll see how it goes with the Suddes replacement. They did a good job with the portal. Got to win 6 in 2022.
  14. JasonJ

    ZERO commits

    We also have ZERO football recruits for 2023...
  15. JasonJ

    UNC just hired Former D coordinator Gene Chizik

    Good hire...we kept Thacker. 😑
  16. JasonJ

    Which GT Swarm Member is this?

    This guy has a GT channel on youtube...
  17. JasonJ

    OUCH - Championship game ratings are out

    Cinci gave the AAC a bump but nobody wants to see Pitt vs Wake.
  18. JasonJ

    Is Dabo gone too?

    Heard Miami is trying to hire D-Rad and Cristobal.
  19. JasonJ

    Attendance Down Significantly (AJC)

    How much of the blame lies with GT? Fans can't prop up a program for a school that is okay with mediocrity. Making it to the Belk Bowl is losing. Their football budget is proof. Georgia and Bama pay their assistants as much as G5 head coaches. I donate and, like most fans, expect a decent ROI...