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  1. yellojello

    BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    Don’t miss anyone. But sure as hell hope we can at least learn to line up properly, tackle occasionally and actually look like a team that knows what it is doing.
  2. yellojello

    So where is the talent???

    Yes, let's bake him a cake. ;) Let's see if we can keep up our defensive performance before giving coach Roof too much credit.
  3. yellojello

    VT Postgame

    Woohoo! Awesome job by the team!
  4. yellojello

    Paul Johnson's job

    Coach, to the extent that you can, please talk about what you think the problems really are. BTW, great job by Parker today!
  5. yellojello

    Opinion question about the Georgia Tech quarterback situation 2017

    LOL. Troll. Moving On. Sorry, couldn't resist. :cigar:
  6. yellojello

    Coaching changes?

    But we don't and that's the point. It's the job of the coach to figure out how to do the best with what we do have in the short term and address those deficiencies in the long term.
  7. yellojello

    Can Wr block mike linebacker?

    Block that DL with the OT and have the BB run towards that gap?
  8. yellojello

    CPJ Press Conference Audio

    This article has more info [MyAJC link]. Comments below are my paraphrasing and have some bias. Regarding D: He said he was disappointed with the performance of the D. He said the scheme we had was clearly not working, especially as regards pass rush and sacks. Said we blitzed about 26% of the...
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    CPJ Press Conference Audio

    He actually said a lot more. GTAthletics cuts out some of the more "controversial" stuff.
  10. yellojello

    Les Miles Met w/ Ted Roof in January

    Why do we always make the same argument everytime a coach is questioned? It's not like Ted Roof is the lone DC that can lead us to the promised land. He may be able to, but many more are capable of equal, if not better performance. For the record, his track record, whether at GT or elsewhere...
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    Looks like it's going to be a long offseason. These topics don't usually start until Feb-Mar. We are in early Dec. Oh well.
  12. yellojello

    UGA Postgame

  13. yellojello

    Is it Possible

    Honestly, I wouldn't know. That's why the HC gets paid the big bucks and I'm sitting on my computer typing this message. What I do know is this, given enough data (and I think 8 years is enough), one can make a reasonable deduction as to how the future might unfold.
  14. yellojello

    Is it Possible

    I understand that. Doesn't mean that I can't think what I want. If we started going by that premise, we should stop discussions on this board entirely. After all, we don't control the outcome of the games. So what does it matter, what we think and write? The rest of your post, I'm in agreement...
  15. yellojello

    Is it Possible

    My expectation is an average of 8-9 wins on average with 6 being the floor. I think it's doable at GT. What we had this year was bound to happen. We have been kept afloat by the offense all these years. The year, our O has a relatively poor year, the house of cards held up by our duct tape of a...
  16. yellojello

    Is it Possible

    I know you didn't predict regression to the mean next year. I didn't state anything of that sort in my post. The rest of your post is basically reaffirming Dave Braine. So you chose that option over Johnson having done a bad job. Basically you are saying that CPJ is going to average 7-8 wins...
  17. yellojello

    Justin Thomas

    Maybe. But JN was pretty durable, though he would be totally spent at the end of games. For that matter, so was TW.
  18. yellojello

    Is it Possible

    Ok. If you are predicting regression to the mean, then you are basically re-stating David Braine's comment. Based on the very same stats 7-8 games is our mean win rate. So are you saying that regardless of who the coach is, we are going to be winning, 7-8 games on average? Or are you saying...
  19. yellojello

    UGA Postgame

    I like Marcus. Like a few people have mentioned, he needs to hit the hole harder though.
  20. yellojello

    UGA Postgame

    I chuckled every time I saw a post that said that the dwags are bad this season. Come on guys. We were 3-8 and they were 8-3 going into the game. Forget everything else, which is the bad team? 8-3 (now 9-3) is bad by UGA standards. It's a darn good record in general.