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  1. HurricaneJacket

    GT @ Ole Miss

    Peabody hotel in Memphis for the alumni
  2. HurricaneJacket

    Kickoff Times Set for First Three Games of 2023

    Good time, broiler, good time... I can't wait
  3. HurricaneJacket

    Linebaker Situation

    Miles Foristall is a PWO from Cartersville
  4. HurricaneJacket

    Coach Key on ACC PM

    He's perfect for us then
  5. HurricaneJacket

    Spring Practice

    It's amazing how much Thack had matured since Collins was fired.
  6. HurricaneJacket

    J Batt's Contract Details

    If we see major improvements over the next year or two he will have more than earned his salary.
  7. HurricaneJacket

    Spring Practice

    Probably to give everyone a taste and then give the staff a week to shake down and correct internal errors before the boys are back in town
  8. HurricaneJacket

    Spring Practice

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the team is now on Spring Break and returns on the 27th correct?
  9. HurricaneJacket

    ATL United 2023 Season

    United is off to their best start ever as a club! Been fun going to games, and I recommend folks go the GT Night game against Colorado on May 17 (they are going to be giving away scarfs if you buy through the GTAA)
  10. HurricaneJacket

    Spring Practice

    Fun interview with Buster.
  11. HurricaneJacket

    Damon Stoudamire

    Seems like a strong hire with a long basketball pedigree with successful programs. I hope he is able to bring us a ton of success, and that between him, Coach Key, and Coach Nell we're entering a new golden age of Tech athletics!
  12. HurricaneJacket

    Spring Practice

    Key interview following practice 1. Doesn't get into a ton of detail, but football is back.
  13. HurricaneJacket

    Wreck Talk Interviews

    Both great interviews.
  14. HurricaneJacket

    General News about Key and his Staff

    Do we know when spring ball will start?
  15. HurricaneJacket

    ROLL CALL FOR 2023 SEASON: (let's fix our attendance problem)

    Renewed 2 seats. Like I have every year since 2014
  16. HurricaneJacket

    and with that… McCamish ends it’s TENTH season as the home of the Jackets.

    10th season isn't quite done yet. Ladies still have 1 quarter to finish. Also best memory was bearing Uconn last year.
  17. HurricaneJacket

    2022-23 GTWBB

    Tough 3 quarters so far today.
  18. HurricaneJacket

    If you had a wish list for AD JB what would it be?

    Sorry Burdell, I was obviously hoping for a different discussion too. What are your thoughts on the best focus areas for ADJB?
  19. HurricaneJacket

    If you had a wish list for AD JB what would it be?

    Yeah. The Atlanta boom had made it very hard for us to expand. I wish we had expanded all the way to 14th street and pushed for Marta connections. That said, we have not built the infrastructure to support much more growth, as useful as that would be.
  20. HurricaneJacket

    If you had a wish list for AD JB what would it be?

    It's the off-season, so time to make a wishlist for J. Batt to pursue once he finishes the monumental task of setting up our NIL infrastructure. For me, the wish list is as follows. 1. Build a small donor program that allows for small recurring donations (simillar to the Tech Way on the NIL...