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  1. buzzinanut69

    2022 Atlanta Braves

    Apparently his agents were Casey Close and Vic Menocal. Any chance that is the same Menocal that played here?
  2. buzzinanut69

    Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    If Eric were still here there is no doubt in my mind this thread would not have lasted past the first page.
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    I'm seeing elsewhere that we are a 7.5 dog. The -3 on vegasinsider must not be accurate.
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    Looks like we are currently a 3 pt favorite.
  5. buzzinanut69

    Offensive Line Transition

    I would speculate this is a way for their coach to set expectations and keep the pressure relatively low on a newcomer to the team more so than an indictment on our fundamentals.
  6. buzzinanut69

    When the TO3 died

    As an independent, Army gets to play different teams every year with players/coaches who are likely facing the offense for the first time.
  7. buzzinanut69

    -26 against bowling green....?

    Reggie Ball would have been really good in this offense.
  8. buzzinanut69

    Man, USF REALLY took it out of me

    Eh, it's Thursday. I'm over USF and on to Pitt already. The season is young, and anything can still happen.
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    Duke vs Army tonight

    Nobody at Duke understands football. Everyone is just practicing their stupid little chants and and gestures for basketball season. In fact "pregame" during football season involves everyone getting blackout drunk before the game starts (noon) and then passing out back at the dorm. No one goes...
  10. buzzinanut69

    Freshmen Arrive on Campus

    They just keep looking younger and younger. I feel old
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    Article UVA Game

    FWIW according to vegasinsider, in order of odds to win the title, UVA is tied for 7th while GT is tied for 38th.
  12. buzzinanut69

    Why Georgia Tech likely will never adopt the shotgun again

    There could be a minor recruiting advantage in running it from the gun. Not saying right or wrong but probably would be a factor. Kids see flexbone and shotgun with split backs differently even if the play is exactly the same.
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    JMO, but I'm 28 and I've attended, watched, or listened to every game since I was 4 years old. I'm not satisfied with the way this season's gone. I don't think anyone associated with the program in any way is. However, this is simply what Georgia Tech football is in the new millennium. We are...
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    Duke Game

    They do the basketball lets go duke thing with their hands which is hilarious. Overall the experience is a bit like sitting outside at a park. Hopefully the weather is nice.
  15. buzzinanut69

    Question about Kaleb Oliver

    The fact we can redshirt 4 star guys hopefully says a lot about the state of the program and bodes well for the future.
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    GT (+10.5) at Miami

    Down to 5.5 now.
  17. buzzinanut69

    UNC Postgame

    May have been a tendency breaker specifically to slow Miami down a half step in two weeks.
  18. buzzinanut69

    Injury Report for UNC

    Guys anyone this reactionary is obviously very young and inexperienced in life. It is what it is. Just be glad we have younger fans.
  19. buzzinanut69

    Horrible experience at BDS yesterday.

    I don't see how this is a BDS issue in any way. So you are planning to boycott BDS because you got scammed by a third party?
  20. buzzinanut69

    Unleashing CTR's Defense

    I thought Serge-Henderson played great all things considered. He is one of my favorite guys out there on D. Great energy guy, gives it his all. Only a true Junior this year, so still lots of room for improvement.