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  1. Ramblinwreck7

    New Uniforms Revealed

    I will also say by using Joe (Roman) that you have now reached WWE's 10.1 million followers on Twitter alone.
  2. Ramblinwreck7

    2017 Spring Practice

    Maybe upgrade is a strong word, but I definitely think we have a guy now that through and through believes and knows CPJ's full scheme. He ran it at Navy (experience playing in the O) and has since coached it at Tech and at a HC spot along the way. I think the upgrade in a sense is his knowledge...
  3. Ramblinwreck7

    Trip to VT

    Is anyone planning on making the trip to Blacksburg this year? If so, does anyone know what section is the GT section? Putting together some last minute travel plans and I may be making the trip now.
  4. Ramblinwreck7

    Zach and Jeff Podcast w/ CPJ

    This is a great reminder of who OUR coach is. Tremendous listen.
  5. Ramblinwreck7

    Need Notre Dame tickets

    PM me. I may be able to help you out
  6. Ramblinwreck7

    Who's going to South Bend?

    I will be there. The full trip is booked, but I am still looking for three tickets together that are reasonably priced though.
  7. Ramblinwreck7

    ND tickets go on sale TONIGHT 7/23

    Click on the buy tickets link. It will put you in a virtual waiting room from there.
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    What FR get on the field?

    Sign me up for MLD, Benson, Cottrell, Philpott, Henderson, Vic, Curry, Gray, and Wigley. This includes special teams for me.
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    Kenyan Drake arrested

    I would take him. Sometimes a kid just needs a new people to be around. Plus, we gotta trust that our coaches and team leadership would be able to guide him in the right direction. Having said that, I don't know too much about the kid and whether or not there are major red flags...
  10. Ramblinwreck7

    Addressing the Vad Lee situation

    Nothing to do with AQ....they are still FBS.
  11. Ramblinwreck7

    Addressing the Vad Lee situation

    For those of us who don't follow, can you give us an idea of what is being said?
  12. Ramblinwreck7

    Would we really be that bad

    With the responses, it sounds like Vad transferring is an actual possibility. Should I read into this or assume the responses are more of a general rule for us?
  13. Ramblinwreck7

    No Wonder We Were So Good !

    I know it's 2:30 in the morning, and I really do hate to be this way. However, we are suggesting post of the year and also commenting on how uga isn't that bad? For me, I'm not even one of those people who believes beating uga and going 1-11 is better than 11-1 with a loss to uga, but we are...
  14. Ramblinwreck7

    Music City Bowl reminder for Swarm members

    Heading in tomorrow morning. Thanks for the suggestion on Demos. The wife and I will try it out tomorrow night! (y)
  15. Ramblinwreck7

    GT - UGA Roll Call

    219..row 1 and 2. Group of 9 of us. We have 2 more in row 4 for this game as well.
  16. Ramblinwreck7

    The dreaded uniform thread

    It was Lagarrette Blount...not James. Too lazy to find the old ESPN article though.
  17. Ramblinwreck7

    who's going to the Clemson game?

    I'm looking into buying on stubhub too. Which section did you go with?
  18. Ramblinwreck7

    Should CPJ be the coach in 2014?

    Fitzgerald, Leach, or Chad Morris would be the only somewhat realistic options I think could give us something. I'm not sure what I prefer at this point. I'm willing to see out the year. I have always been a big CPJ fan:
  19. Ramblinwreck7

    It's GAMEDAY

    Surprised it has taken this long. I don't know about you, but I still believe! YELLOW!
  20. Ramblinwreck7

    GT - Miami predictions

    Gut feeling...31-27 GT