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    2023-2024 ROSTER???

    That is the best comment on the thread!!!
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    GT-VT game thread.

    Solid take. Folks let's give some credit to CJP for significant adjustments that fit the skill sets of the roster. We still have lapses in scoring and a franticness to us when under pressure that need to be addressed. CJP has handled a lot of vitriol well and has come back fighting.
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    When does Pastner feel heat

    I'm a die-hard GT basketball fan and will support (in my own way) the players come what may. BUT I'm Done with mediocrity Done with cutesy press conferences Done with the argument that we'll get better as the year goes on, only to repeat the same statement the next year Done with the lack of...
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    FSU 1/7/2023 - GAME THREAD

    I used to but that was many years ago. I contribute funds and attend 3-5 games a year. I want bash CJP. He does well if he can get the right players for his system of choice. Problem is, he is unable to do that consistently. Games I have attended are typically dead or close to it. You feel...
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    Miami 1/4/23 - GAME THREAD

    Bet with your eyes and take Miami
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    UVA - 12/31

    Anyone else have an issue with this statement that we have to stick with our scheme because it's all the players know? I find young men adaptable to something new if what you are doing hasn't worked effectively in the last two seasons. Is this lack of flexibility on CJP? Seems like we play...
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    Just went through the motions for 20 mins, game was never in doubt for entire half.
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    Even the UNC fan base look bored
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    Is the Ft. Myers Tip-Off still on?

    Pastner is the problem.
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    New Lethal Weapon 3 doc to air on ACCN after the game on Thursday.

    92 AE grad here. It was an incredible time to be a basketball fan. Notice the place was packed and as I remember GT was the hottest ticket in town. The Thriller Dome was rocking at least an hour before tip off and the energy was incredible to witness live! Great times, great friends.
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    I like the optimism..based on historicals, this will be another season to forget. Howard is a single point of failure. Quite a bit of reliance on Dabo or Miles to significantly improve. Unclear who is going to bring the passion and the leadership. I'll forego the discussion on recruiting...
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    Official Postgame: GT 23-Duke 20

    Sprinkles are for winners!
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    Nobody Cares

    Well, let's give it a shot!
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    The Thing I Hate The Most

    Fellow Wreckers...Put that gear on and wear it with pride. Our days of despair are coming to an end soon, and we will bask in the glory of a new day for GT football. Time heals and bad memories will fade. It takes gumption and a bit of grit to be a Rambler. Keep the faith, brothers and...
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    I can feel it coming in the air tonight
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    Week 1 #CFAKickoff #CLEMvsGT Predictions

    And so it begins.
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    March Madnesss memories

    I've been to all 3 GT final tours (yes I am including the NIT finals under Pastner). I've been fortunate to go to the NCAA tournament every year since 1994. Best finals game I saw was Duke Butler in Indy.
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    GT at Clemson Post Game

    No win hugging tonight. An airball, bad shot coming out of a timeout with 14 left.
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    GT at Clemson Post Game

    Up 13, to down two, to back up by one, to back down by one; my schnauzer is feeling uneasy about this one.