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  1. gt69hjcollins

    NC State Game @ McCamish

    Agree 100%. Nothing builds confidence like practice. It is his job to help them develop that confidence.
  2. gt69hjcollins

    NC State Game @ McCamish

    I agree on the free throw shooting. Surely there are drills that would increase the players’ proficiency. There is not near enough emphasis being put on that in my opinion. I would think a high school coach could come in and improve our free throw shooting. I think Pastner is in a coaching...
  3. gt69hjcollins

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    This season has been a good opportunity for Key. I would think his chances of getting a head coaching job are much greater than they would have been if Collins had been fired after the season. My guess is he will be offered by someone.
  4. gt69hjcollins

    GT fan day info

    I went on line to purchase a ticket for the Georgia game and there were very few tickets available in good sections. If there had been a decent seat available I would have purchased one. When I watch the game on TV I expect to see half of the seats empty. Why does this occur?
  5. gt69hjcollins

    Official Postgame: GT 23-Duke 20

    Seymore put some big guys back in the formation to protect the punter. Worked, but the big guys are not going to be as good with open field pursuit and tackling.
  6. gt69hjcollins

    Team played hard

    I think they are playing harder. I think the coaching is much better. I am looking forward to the games once again. I just sent a donation of $250 in for the Pitt game. I think I will send $250 for every additional game this year. Anyone else with me? Go Jackets!!!
  7. gt69hjcollins

    Coach Brent Key Scenario

    Key has been here during the entire C###### fiasco. The main complaints during that period was game management, clown like gimmicks, and questionable practice methods and procedures. In my opinion Key has always been more inclined to provide tough love in his coaching philosophy, which was the...
  8. gt69hjcollins

    Week 5 #GTvsPITT Postgame Presser

    I have sent an email to the AA about the quality of these broadcasts. It is beyond my comprehension that any organization would be satisfied with this nonsense, much less an Institute of Technology. If you agree notify the AA. This is ridiculous!
  9. gt69hjcollins

    If a change is made...

    His coaching philosophy is nothing like Saban’s. He was a PR guy for Saban.
  10. gt69hjcollins

    When does Pastner feel heat

    Coach Pastner has done a good job coaching. His recruiting has been sub par, due in part, to his own mistakes and issues. It appears that he has put those issues behind him. Recruiting appears to be on the upswing and I think he has the basic pieces for a good team now. Go Jackets!!
  11. gt69hjcollins

    Today in Analytics...

    Just shows how bad our defense was last year. If it is not better this year…………..
  12. gt69hjcollins

    CBK Says the O-line

    I understand your concerns; however, I like his idea about trying different combinations of linemen/positions to see who plays well together and to see if they function well. Once he decides who to go with, I would like to see him light em up with tough love when they make mistakes and give...
  13. gt69hjcollins

    Here's a thought

    Either your turnover was very high or you wasted a lot of someone’s time.😄
  14. gt69hjcollins

    Athlon: ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously (2022)

    It was obvious to me that they were not playing well together and seemed to absolutely refuse to attack the ball. I know I am over simplifying, but it did appear that they were not well coached, and a couple of players seemed to be too big and not quick enough to play their assigned position...
  15. gt69hjcollins

    Lineup for 2022-23

    I like Pastner. I think he is a good game time coach and I think he has done a great job this year using the portal and recruiting to get what we need. We have the pieces for now and the future. I predict he will do well going forward.
  16. gt69hjcollins

    ACC Media Days

    Thanks for the info. I missed CGC but based on the write up I did not miss much. I have heard his BS enough to know what is coming. I am encouraged by the player comments. Maybe there will be a little more accountability involved. I think they will respond. Go Jackets!!!
  17. gt69hjcollins

    Where the Program stands

    It would be better if CCGC is the defensive coordinator during the game. Thacker surely did not get it done.
  18. gt69hjcollins

    Where the Program stands

    He needs to do that and let someone else do more game management. Without his willingness to do that it will be a long season for us and a short one for him.
  19. gt69hjcollins

    Here's a thought

    I think we can all agree that our major problems last year were: Poor execution bordering on rebellion in the defensive backfield. Poor game management. A predictable and ineffective offense. An ineffective defense. If we see substantial improvement in those areas and indication of additional...