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  1. Sean311

    AJC Articles...behind paywall. Why use them? Gets through any pay site. Your’e welcome 😁
  2. Sean311


    We just look like an overall better team on offense. Can’t say much about defense but I’m sure they aren’t running any blitzes
  3. Sean311


    Pyron is looking accurate. WRS look good. Running game is solid with a lot of depth at RB.
  4. Sean311

    I ran into J Batt at the Braves game!

    Yooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂
  5. Sean311

    Georgia Tech Head Coach Hot List

    Sean Miller?
  6. Sean311

    ROLL CALL FOR 2023 SEASON: (let's fix our attendance problem)

    Definitely gonna go this year. 1st time in years.
  7. Sean311

    Scarred of UGA

    Ya pretty embarrassing and pretty much just explains exactly what we thought we thought we were…..unprepared
  8. Sean311

    Path to the Draft

    EJ Jenkins as a tight end would be scary
  9. Sean311

    What is the best single-game performance you've seen out of a Tech player?

    Probably the Josh Nesbit 2009 Florida St game. He basically put the team on his back that day including that crazy unfumble recovery.
  10. Sean311

    General News about Key and his Staff

    Is this a joke lol??
  11. Sean311

    General News about Key and his Staff

    Awesome hire! Kind of crazy how we got a guy straight from the NFL with his high level experience. Interesting how they hired him fit an off field position. I guess he’s trying to wind things down.
  12. Sean311

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    6’4” 315lb. Played basketball in high school.
  13. Sean311

    General News about Key and his Staff

    Lol omg he’s bald too!! Love it. Key is gathering a bunch of hard nosed no nonsense people and I love it. Dude seems kinda weird tho ngl
  14. Sean311

    The Tech Way

    Awesome initiative by GT. You can do a one time donation or they have affordable subscription plans!
  15. Sean311

    Nate McCollom to UNC

    All his social media stuff and hints seem sketchy to me but I hope he stays.
  16. Sean311

    Nate McCollom to UNC

    Rutherford might be outta here too
  17. Sean311

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    Nate to UNC. Sad
  18. Sean311

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    The era of one and done seasons is upon us.
  19. Sean311

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    Here we go….