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  1. SkyBuzz

    Leonard's Losers...

    Leonard ( Leonard Postero) was my next door neighbor for several years. I had the privilege to see him write his radio show at this kitchen table on several Sunday mornings...Amazing! He was a football genius even though he was bulldog thru and thru... As good as his show was from an...
  2. SkyBuzz

    GT family need some prayers

    Got my prayers and thoughts...been there myself SkyBuzz
  3. SkyBuzz

    For what it's worth

    A better measure would be player games lost. I saw somewhere a few weeks ago that thru 8 games we had 116 lost player games, number 2 in the nation. For perspective, last year thru 14 games we had 47. Kind of explains our year! SkyBuzz
  4. SkyBuzz


    My grandson and I are going with 65jacket and the rest of the Conyers Mafia. We also have our RV on the way to Miami for the tailgate. See ya'll at the game. Go Jackets!!!!!!!!!!!!! SkyBuzz
  5. SkyBuzz

    Who's going to South Bend?

    Going with my group, the "Conyers Mafia". I am taking my two grown sons and my oldest grandson. It will be the first away game for us since they were in high school. Can hardly wait! SkyBuzz
  6. SkyBuzz

    Question about our fan base

    I've been to every Tech-Ugag game except one since 1965, home and away. Yeah, its not always a great experience but I have seen all the great Tech moments in the series! I guess being born in Athens must have some mystical draw. However, as they say no pain no gain. My wife however will never...
  7. SkyBuzz

    what real blue collar leadership is and means!

    Leadership starts with character! Our coaches have that, our team leaders have that AND most of our student athletes have that. That is how we can achieve so much with athletes having lower star ratings. The equation for success is character, athletic ability and hard work. As long as we...
  8. SkyBuzz

    AJC: Dennis Andrews no longer onthe Team

    Declinometer, post: "Racist??? Where the hell did that come from?" I guess you have never seen bias on a sports team, I have! I was a football referee for twenty years and saw it a few times. Do you remember the Tom Luginbill QB situation under Bill Lewis. It split the team along racial...
  9. SkyBuzz

    The Case for Ted Roof

    A nugget - Ted makes a lot more now than he did as head coach at PUKE! Believe me, he wants to be here. He is a great fit for our school and our team. SkyBuzz
  10. SkyBuzz

    AJC: Dennis Andrews no longer onthe Team

    How could anyone think that a pothead is good or even OK for team chemistry? Or a thief? Or a Drunkard? Or an abuser? Or a Racist? It's all about character and the ability to perform when the going gets tough. That was the difference and the key to success last year. I feel sorry for Dennis...
  11. SkyBuzz

    The Case for Ted Roof

    I have know Ted since he was in high school and even helped recruit him(you could legally do that back then). We both went to Central Gwinnett and I have followed him for his entire career. I have been going to Tech games since 1965. Ted is the BEST person we could have on our staff by far for...
  12. SkyBuzz

    How did you become a TECH fan?

    First of all, everyone in my family except for me and my brother are dog fans. Another thing going against me was that I was born in Athens. Having said that, I have been a Tech fan since I can remember, around 5 years old. My Dad said it started by watching football games in black and white...
  13. SkyBuzz

    B Back Transfer - Patrick Skov

    I was at Tech the whole time Cunningham was playing, and I don't remember him playing anything other than running back?:cool: SkyBuzz
  14. SkyBuzz

    ACCCG Ticket Alert

    I needed 6 tickets to take my grandkids. Cost through AA was $1250. Bought 6 Family Fun Pack on ACCCG site for $171 including fees and tax. Now I can afford to go!!! SkyBuzz :p:smuggrin::joyful:
  15. SkyBuzz

    So how do we take down Free Seafood U?

    We HAVE to get out to a lead, then do what all their other opponents have not been able to do.... Go into the death march mode and control the ball. Clemson, Virginia, NC State and Miami all over again. In addition, we must score on defense or have a couple of strategic turnovers. It's...
  16. SkyBuzz

    The first domino...

    I Hate UGAG, BUT their situation is no different than ours was this week as far as the Championship game. Did we "Back Into the Coastal Championship". At least they beat Missouri! SkyBuzz :cautious:
  17. SkyBuzz

    Duke Game Roll Call

    Always in section 225. Me and 3. Been to every game home and away and will only miss UNC this year. SkyBuzz
  18. SkyBuzz

    Scouting Tulane

    There was game this week with the opening of a new stadium in Houston. It didn't help them much. They got killed by an alphabits school, UTSA 27-7. So much for new stadium advantage! SkyBuzz
  19. SkyBuzz

    Tech/Cumberland U aka 222-0

    I read where a GT alum won the bid. SkyBuzz
  20. SkyBuzz

    What is your current opinion of CPJ?

    It was clear early in the season that we had a quarterback issue and it hurt the team big time. I think the coach and the offense we have is perfect for our situation. With all our restrictions, it will be had to compete with mainstream methods. I am a Paul Johnson supporter all the way. For...