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  1. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    Yep. Watching them against Miami they ran way too much ISO for my tastes. Even recognizing that Tatum and Brown are guys you would want to go ISO. I can definitely see the spacing Boston sets up but with an active 5 setting picks, downscreens, zoom action as you say. I think the pro...
  2. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    Geez - we are actually going to take my flippant post seriously? FWIW he played at Berkley. California kid.
  3. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    You sure? All those California kids look alike to me
  4. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    You would have thought CDS would give Jalen Brown more run at Pacific than he did.
  5. Damon Stoudamire

    I feel a bit sheepish after Boston's effort against Miami last night. But it did point out one issue that I think may carry over to CDS's efforts at GT. Boston's offense - even last night - is really good at spacing the floor and working to keep the lane open. And when Tatum and Brown are...
  6. Damon Stoudamire

    Response to the commentary on free throw shooting averages in other threads. :rolleyes: This was an offensive zone look only. Williams is a more traditional defender though still slightly undersized - huge motor and energy on the boards. However, Horford is actually a better defender than...
  7. Damon Stoudamire

    I don't know Pacific but I'll take a shot at the Celtics. They are all in on next gen stats using spacing and talent to focus the offense almost exclusively on 3 point shots or dribble drive attack the rim. You can see that in their shot chart from Game 7 Yes they will shoot some mid...
  8. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    The issue with Jalen is not what he is but what he has the potential to be. He has Moses level athleticism which gives him a very high ceiling. As did Moses he is going to have to develop his skills to get “there”. But if he does he is on an all ACC team. He may not get “there” in which case...
  9. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    That makes more sense than most anything else here
  10. Coaching Carousel 8 - Teamwork means never taking all the blame yourself

    Huggy Bear did get his money’s worth ;)
  11. Damon Stoudamire

    Horford have any eligibility left?
  12. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    I agree with you regarding the sunk cost of GT academics. Quite honestly I thought it would be why guys like Maxwell would not transfer. No real expectation of NBA so get the best education/degree you can. Do your job for BB recognizing your status and get your degree. Coleman is a 3/4...
  13. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    We won 6 ACC games last year. New coach, portal players. IMHO all minutes distribution is up in the air for a while yet. I like several of the returning players but wouldn’t defer to their minutes from last year.
  14. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    The goal in the modern 5 out set is to not have to do the old school beat my man one on one to attack the basket. It is a little more complicated than Peac's description :cool: but the goal is to have enough motion and screening (on and off ball) to where guys get the ball in/off motion and...
  15. NIL in CBB

    I’ll go back to what I heard and said a while back after listening to guys fro 3 ACC teams. Top 20 or so HS guys are asking/getting mid to high 6 figure deals but it drops quickly after that At the top 100 or so level the numbers are 50k and lower. Maybe 0 As for On3, I spend a ton of time...
  16. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    Horford's ability to shoot and handle the ball is a high bar for most college 5's. To be honest I didn't see that in the mini clips on each of the 2 guys we have taken. Hope they work and prove me wrong. I do think there are other ways besides just being able to shoot to keep the opposing 5...
  17. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    I agree on Kelly as an "alternative" PG but also expect that CDS wants to go to a 5 out/4 out Boston light style that will spread ball handling around to multiple players instead of a primary ball handler. 4 guys in space who can shoot or drive with a 5 who is active with pick and roll action...
  18. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    You see Girard as a PG?
  19. CDS staff speculation.

    It's going to take more than Zaxby's to get the recruits we want. Does the Cheetah have its own bag line?