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  1. jwhue

    GT-FSU Tickets

    I thought the FSU game was sold out. It was reported in this link:
  2. jwhue

    100 Days

    19 is retired - it was Mr. Clint Castleberry's.
  3. jwhue

    New Uniforms on Team's Snapchat

    The replicas were on sale during Fan Day for $74.99. Not anywhere close to the quality of the jersey worn by the players though.
  4. jwhue

    Which one of you guys is "Jeffery Cody Bradford"

    I think ACC in this case refers to Athens-Clarke County.
  5. jwhue

    Paul Davis Penalty

    It looks like CPJ has confirmed that it happened.
  6. jwhue

    GT Band

    The band posted their travel schedule to New Orleans on Facebook, so yes, they are.
  7. jwhue

    Initial Impressions

    The prerecorded whistle for 1st down and scores didn't play on the PA system. The real whistle, as @Jerry the Jacket says, did indeed blow after scores.