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  1. gtg771r

    Current Environment

    Oh heck yeah. They were great! We don't have alumni
  2. gtg771r

    Current Environment

    doesn't include me. I offered $25.
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    Current Environment

    Big donors
  4. gtg771r

    Current Environment

    As Todd says, "it was a rope a dope"
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    Current Environment

    We don't have fans in the stands. Shoot, we don't have folks at bball games. Todd is arguing with folks in Callaway every bball game defending his decision on Collins. UGA lost and I felt GREAT! Maybe there is hope. I believe in Todd and his vision. Look at VB- sweet sixteen tonight...
  6. gtg771r

    12/5/2021 - UNC @ GT

    Big game. We need this one to start the team comradery.
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    SECCG - Ambivalence, I have arrived - my hate rant

    It's amazing how much $$$$$ is behind this thought.....
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    Donations to GTAA

  9. gtg771r

    2021 Baseball Season

    We have one of the best baseball programs in the country. Stop whining
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    Expectations for the 2021 season

    3 wins is my expectation, but 6 or 7 i'm getting rowdy at a bowl game. LFG
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    What is Josh Pastner's Ceiling?

    In today's world a Final Four
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    Swimming is about to be really good..

    Coach just obtained great donation money. She's killing it!
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    Returning players for 2021-22

    I just bought season tix. THIS is a sport on the rise!
  14. gtg771r

    Returning players for 2021-22

    We're going to have a good team next year Sheldons
  15. gtg771r

    North Metro Game Watch

    Great time to jump in. Our fearless elders should be/ might be vaccinated. Our younger alumni probably have had it. I've been a Guinea pig myself in the Novavax trial. That being said, let's have a game watch. Hudson is doing all the sensible protocols for safety. Game time is 6:30pm EST...
  16. gtg771r

    Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    I cheer for him so much but i'm not sure what the heck he's doing. And that's from former players as well
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    This Team

    Today we saw backups and Devoe take charge. We'll need that. This is becoming a TEAM. Closest thing to 2004 I've seen so far. Sweet sixteen in the books. I'm not putting too much stock into the ACC tourney. Not sure they want that as much.
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    Watch Parties - Clemson

    Happy Football Season! Thank goodness it's finally here. For those who are local in Atlanta we're hosting our usual away game watch party at the Hudson Grille in Sandy Springs, 6317 Roswell Rd. NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328. It's free to join and we'll be giving away GT gear provided by the...
  19. gtg771r

    So how do people feel about Brent Key and Geoff Collins-

    We all made fun of Yabo Dabo doo but he’s the blueprint. Recruiting and hype
  20. gtg771r

    So how do people feel about Brent Key and Geoff Collins-

    He is. Look between the lines..