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  1. wrmathis

    App State Musings

    Back in high school, I went to ASU during the summer for wrestling camp. One of the bests things I saw while there was the girls. not really an overweight one around. all those hills students have to walk around really really help out :unsure: :ROFLMAO:
  2. wrmathis

    Hall retained. Borrell fired.

    For the bolded part, id say it was having 3 HOF. after he left the Braves, he went to Baltimore and lasted 2 years. after that, he hasn't really coached anywhere. I think he did do a good job with the throwing program the braves used/have used, but other than that, its having 3 HOF that made...
  3. wrmathis

    UVA, Baseball

    Yes he has
  4. wrmathis

    Hall retained. Borrell fired.

    Pitching coach fired. Hall staying on
  5. wrmathis

    2023 Adidas SWAG Watch

    much rather have the blue on that one in gold. minus buzz on the back. keep it like is but all other blue would look better as gold
  6. wrmathis

    Mascot Competition Champion - BUZZ

    Hang the banner.
  7. wrmathis

    Non-adidas GT Swag

    got this on amazon for our doggo for $5
  8. wrmathis

    Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    he went 5-6 2 years. not just 1. He only had Jones for one year, then Donnie Davis the second year, then had Luginbill has his starter the year he was fired
  9. wrmathis

    Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    and taking credit for all of it. which i get he was their previous coach but damn.
  10. wrmathis

    Last Stand of the Triple Option

    The only quibble I had was when talking about the 2015 season. No mention at all that like half the team died from injuries that year. Or even mention Nesbit breaking his arm his last year.
  11. wrmathis

    I Know Im Beating a Dead Horse About TFG…

    From a wins loss perspective, gee-off is already worse than Lewis. Now he’s pushing through as just completely worse over all
  12. wrmathis

    Miami, Ohio Baseball

    before the Rockies came into existence, atlanta fulton county stadium was the highest park in MLB
  13. wrmathis

    If you had a wish list for AD JB what would it be?

    good thing last year didn't have a noon kick off until end of October for an away game in Tallahassee and no Home noon games at all
  14. wrmathis

    2022 Atlanta Braves

    to be fair tho, he had some amazing big play calls. besides that, his normal play by play calls and general talking were bad
  15. wrmathis

    2022 Atlanta Braves

    no more home run calls for a fly ball to shallow left. or a did he keep it fair as it goes over the center field wall
  16. wrmathis

    Jackets in atlantropy is ending

  17. wrmathis

    Zamari Walton transfer

    no, he going to ole miss
  18. wrmathis

    What is the best single-game performance you've seen out of a Tech player?

    pj daniels 2004 humanitarian bowl game. 307 yards on 31 carriess with 4 tds that defense also held tulsa to -56 yds rushing
  19. wrmathis

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    yep, once you get used to the altitude, you cant tell any difference. now, if you take a week or 2 break from training, its like starting over. I loved when i was stationed at Fort Carson when I was in the army. when i went down to Alabama for training from CO, running was soooo easy. almost...
  20. wrmathis

    GT/FSU rivalry in the 90s

    i was at that game. felt like a huge turning point for the program and not in a good way. stupid onside kick