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  1. majorQ9

    GT Hoops General Topics

    Going through my history. I must have had some kind of discount on my first ticket that got taken off, can live with that. Still trying to understand how the Tech fund jumped from $100 a seat to $225 a seat. Sec 105 Year First Ticket Second Ticket Tech Fund Total 2022-2023 $158.43 $335...
  2. majorQ9

    GT Hoops General Topics

    Anyone take a look at their basketball season ticket invoice? Mine increased 59% for next season. The Tech Fund alone went from $100 a seat to $225 a seat.
  3. majorQ9

    B1G expansion?

    Bobinski isn't running the ship anymore. If he was...100% we're sitting
  4. majorQ9

    New AJC Sports Writer for GT Sports

    At least he's not coming from the Grady school
  5. majorQ9

    Article Updates to Pregame Activities

    Former band member as well. I'm sure Chris is working through the logistics. Could be something like warmup remains the same at the (RIP) shaft. Then, parade down North Avenue. Enter through the South entrance. Pregame would have to be reworked to start from the South Endzone instead of the...
  6. majorQ9

    GT/FSU Ireland 2024

    That was on FSU. They chose to stick the band up there so they could sell tickets in the Southeast corner
  7. majorQ9

    Georgia Tech Head Coach Hot List

    Shaka just won the Big East at Marquette. Why would he come to GT?
  8. majorQ9

    Georgia Tech Head Coach Hot List

    EDIT: Wrong thread...
  9. majorQ9

    GT vs Louisville (2/25/23) - SENIOR DAY GAME THREAD

    I can’t make it to todays game. if anyone’s looking to go, send me a PM.
  10. majorQ9

    GT @ PITT (2/21/2023) GAME THREAD

    Milton basketball was a wagon when he had it rolling
  11. majorQ9

    Scarred of UGA

    Ask Ari Wasserman. He has a whole podcast called Stars Matter
  12. majorQ9

    GT @ PITT (2/21/2023) GAME THREAD

    Been very disappointing that Pastner has failed to build depth on his teams among other flaws in his roster construction. Insert meme *get old stay old* but that hasn't happened
  13. majorQ9

    If you had a wish list for AD JB what would it be?

    North Endzone tickets are sold in blocks for Fraternities, Sororities, Swarm, and other organizations. They cost $65. Not sure what the $15 dollar option gets you on the website. South Endzone tickets are first come first serve each week. South Endzone attendance has seemingly dwindled year over...
  14. majorQ9

    IF Pastner is fired, who would be a good hire to replace him?

    I went to the KSU-Liberty game last night up in Kennesaw and came away very impressed with Amir Abdur-Rahim. The place was rocking. It was a better atmosphere than any game in McCamish this season. KSU won 6 games combined his first two years there and now they are leading the Atlantic Sun...
  15. majorQ9

    The Tech Tower T

    I was on campus when the T was stolen in 2014. It was pretty exciting since people thought it was impossible to steal since they enhanced security. Shame that Tech charged him $15K for...
  16. majorQ9

    GT-VT game thread.

    I believe that was reck club. Good job by them
  17. majorQ9

    If you had a wish list for AD JB what would it be?

    Housing expansion coming