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    Diamond In The Rough

    Shaq Mason
  2. PowderSpringsJacket88


    I will say that CPJ is usually in a better mood when the team is practicing or playing well. I think it is a safe assumption that overall our jackets need to step it up. However, I am not really worried about it. This is pretty normal.
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    ESPN.COM Question / Answer with CPJ

    I'm still hunting for an answer here
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    The Good Word - Micheal Summers

    I like Howell but man Christian really impresses me. But he isn't here for spring ball :(
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    The Good Word - Micheal Summers

    Searcy at Aback might be another good option to throw to as well
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    The Good Word - Micheal Summers

    Jeune...I have heard very high reviews from other guys on the team and coaches. He is very smooth..
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    GT-uga postgame

    VERY special year guys! Really fortunate to have CPJ at the helm!
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    Orange Bowl

    We should be a lock for the orange bowl if FSU can beat UF today GO JACKETS!!!! TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!!!
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    GT - Tulane post game thread

    I am really excited to get the WIN! Tulane has talent... We obviously have some things to clean up on offense but I am optimistic about those things going forward. The DL is worrying me. I am not seeing the DT's get enough pressure up the middle.
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    Practice Report 8/13

    Hmm...Tyler M has been out for awhile. We need him badly as well.
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    8/9 Georgia Tech Scrimmage

    Love this collaboration guys. Really thoughtful post and very insightful...
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    My Favorite Conversations from Fan Day

    Let me tell you one thing about Harrell...that is one bad man. There is not one man on that roster that would want to go toe to toe with that guy. He has a mean streak that is scary. I wouldn't be surprised if he makes an NFL squad.
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    A quote from Ted Roof yesterday

    If everyone stays healthy on the DL then we really just need him to be a spark plug of energy off the bench. That is what I have expected from the beginning for his 3rd year in the program.
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    Practice #3

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    3 dismissed, 1 suspended

    I agree about Commissiong being the greatest loss here. We are razor thing at DT if someone gets injured now. Shawn Green has had injury issues ever since he stepped on Campus.
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    Update on Myles Autry

    I want Myles here but if am going to be honest. I'm a little nervous about him coming to GT. I'm sure he has heard his brothers side of things and is obviously biased which I understand is human. However, this difficult situation plus his tendency to be a little wishy washy with his commitment...
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    UGA football player gets arrested for the 2nd time/Felony It feels like Fall already!!
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    Kenyan Drake arrested

    I know Kenyan barely. We have talked 3 times and I have seen him practice dozens of time and heard from coaches, teammates, and friends. He is a good guy and is not a dummy . He gets distracted or loses focus due to tiny things that most college kids do during their tenure. He is a hard worker...
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    How do you feel about our DT's this year?

    I would add to our points above that he needs to keep adding muscle. He added some more this off-season but he needs to keep adding quality mass without giving up his speed/quickness.
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    How do you feel about our DT's this year?

    I think this is a great group of guys and not an area we need to be concerned unless we start getting banged up. SDE is still my biggest worry on defense this season. On offense the BB position worries me if Laskey gets hurt. But my biggest worry is the QB position.