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  1. Linebaker Situation

    . A recent transfer in is Paul Moala and add senior grad transfers White, Oliver, and Dean. Returning LBs are Tatum, Meiguez, and Efford. There are two good looking Freshmen, Cruz and Heflin. A lot of help has arrived.
  2. Portal Watch 2022-23

    Maye has played a lot on the extra point and field goal teams over seaveral seasons, but not much else. Solid backup. Mooney saw very little PT in the Spring Game so maybe he was sent a message.
  3. Linebaker Situation

    I believe PJ Davis was low rated (or not rated) and recruited on signing day by CPJ. The Swarm word was to "cover kicks".
  4. Linebaker Situation

    For NFL greats there were Maxie Baughn and Larry Morris who had long professional careers and great Teck careers.
  5. 2023 predictions part 2: POST SPRING GAME

    The D can do it only if the O peforms much better. I am optimistic.
  6. Linebaker Situation

    Thanks for the clarification. Has Bryant been moved to an inside LB or is he a safety cross trained to play a nickel type roll in certain situations or do we know?
  7. Linebaker Situation

    That's 13 Eric Reed making that tackle. Its from the Nickel or other DB position, not one of the 2 LBs inside. If I am wrong please correct me.
  8. Spring Game Impressions

    Yes on Boyd. We have been waiting on him to emerge. Hopefully he has. He had an impressive game with great effort and some good luck.
  9. Linebaker Situation

    Yes, the Nickel LB Wallace. Not sure who backs him up except Brooks and other safeties are cross trained.
  10. Linebaker Situation

    Agree.Sirad is a safety unless something has changed in the last few days. Maybe you meant Efford?
  11. Linebaker Situation

    Hopefully the very experienced coaching at the LB position will make a positive difference combined with what looks like an improved, more experienced DT group. I agree that we need a big time playmaker to emerge at LB. Because of the coaching and the 3 pickups in the portal (so far) I am not...
  12. Linebaker Situation

    I like your stack of LBs. Dean may not be on campus yet so there is not much to judge there, but Tatum will be in top 3 or 4. As a freshman Heflin got some praise in the game but he is likely a year away. I believe you got Meuguez and Efford about right. i am hoping that White/Oliver/Tatum can...
  13. Portal Watch 2022-23

    PT is tough except for STs.. Iwould guess he was no higher than 5th in the pecking order and could be lower depending on what we see of Efford and Dean and what was indicated in the game by Heflin.
  14. Linebaker Situation

    Several players did not participate in the Spring Game but good news is I saw no casts or boots. The walking wounded seemed to be walking. Really sorry for Blackburn.
  15. Linebaker Situation

    Most probably LB is the big question mark going into the season. I got very little LB info from the Spring Game Transfers- White and Oliver and Dean Experience coming back- Tatum Players in the system w/o much playing time- Meiguez and Efford and Buffkin and Peyton Freshmen- Heflin and Cruz...
  16. Spring Game Impressions

    I have watched the Spring Game live and on the tube twice. We are stuck with midget playmakers but they are performing extremely well. I have seen #39 Williams for three Spring Games and he is another midget playmaker. He is buried too deep on the RB list to be a factor but I would like to see...
  17. 2023 predictions part 2: POST SPRING GAME

    At this point I am not hung up on the win-loss record (except the minimum for a Bowl) but am gratified to see real football at GT for a change. How we play and how we improve is the thing I am most comfortable with. I want the team to give a real fight, play competitive and consistent ball, and...
  18. Spring Game Impressions

    I was at first disappointed with the open field tackling but later regonized that the D secondary was very often filled with walk-ons and 3rd/4th stringers, many of which were undersized, inexperienced, and slower of foot. These younger guys were no match for the speed of Rutherford, Haynes...
  19. Spring Game Impressions

    yes, #80 played early in the game.
  20. Spring Game Impressions

    I really enjoyed the game. It looked like real Tech football and the hard work by the payers and details by the coaching really shows. What a wonderful change! The meeting with the players was an experiment gone bad. There were too many people crowded into too small a space for too long. Very...