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  1. B1G expansion?

    The NU President reminds me a lot of the former president of Ohio State; the bow tie guy. He spouted off a lot of how the Big 10 was going to undercut the ACC by signing Rutgers and Maryland. He then moved on to WV as President; his alma mater. He started predicting how the B12 was going to...
  2. ACC AD Meetings - New Revenue Distribution Model?

    My point is if it had closed we would have heard about it. if there is anything that has been proven in the last ten years is that the B12 is a self promotion machine; so we would have heard about it.
  3. ACC AD Meetings - New Revenue Distribution Model?

    I think we would have heard if it did.
  4. ACC AD Meetings - New Revenue Distribution Model?

    That article is from 2022; what has happened since then? And the new contract; if it is finalized, will not start till '25 which means the first payout comes in '26.
  5. ACC AD Meetings - New Revenue Distribution Model?

    There is another wrinkle in this equation. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal says ESPN has a plan to offer their channel(s) as a streaming service. The timing and price to be determined later. They will still offer their channels via todays usual outlets. This begs the question if...
  6. Damon Stoudamire

    Where is the whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa guy when you need him.
  7. Damon Stoudamire

    Please share all the solid information you have on these subjects.
  8. Damon Stoudamire

    He could have sold GT more.
  9. Damon Stoudamire

    I was underwhelmed by his initial press conference. He talked about himself most of the time. Later press conferences have been better.
  10. ESPN: ACC to meet about changing men's hoops narrative

    It seems to me that if you assume that the other P5 conferences got more teams, and higher rankings than they should have had; and I agree with that premise, than judging if the premise is true based on how they performed in a tournament where they received more spots, and higher spots is in...
  11. Damon Stoudamire

    The biggest thing I got from the press conference was that he was overwhelmed with emotion and Lack of Sleep. I have been in that situation and know how it limits your mental capabilities. Hering him talk a few occasions after that he seemed more articulate, and he broadened his conversation.
  12. The Heyul Nawl List

  13. The Heyul Nawl List

    Someone else said that smaller schools such as Ga St can go far with on super star. Ron had that, and it was his son. Don't think that will happen twice.
  14. Georgia Tech Head Coach Hot List

    One factor that can't be disregarded is a coach who will be able to keep the talent we already have. I still believe in the approach CJP was considering is finding 1 or 2 bigs to complement the number of good guards and SF's we already have. Plus being able to keep Blue Cain in the fold. Some...
  15. Georgia Tech Head Coach Hot List

    We won't be able to out bid Vanderbilt.
  16. Thanks Coach Pastner

    Go ahead.
  17. Thanks Coach Pastner

    Sure; make fun of someone on the day he was fired.
  18. Thanks Coach Pastner

    This Rutherford guy is a d+++
  19. Georgia Tech Head Coach Hot List

    Just sayin' take him to a spot where he has a chance.
  20. Georgia Tech Head Coach Hot List

    What was that strip club in Sandy Springs that had 40 year old stripper - Stormin Norman's?