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  1. 305jacket

    Damon Stoudamire

    Pumped for this hire - which is something I haven't said in a very long time. Highly regarded in top basketball circles - lets see how it translates to the ACC. All starts with locking down the roster and bringing in reinforcements with the help of NIL. In today's age - there is no need for...
  2. 305jacket

    The Heyul Nawl List

    You should pick Slick Rick
  3. 305jacket

    Georgia Tech Head Coach Hot List

    Without a doubt you take a feeler/shot at Pitino first (I imagine this has already been done) Once he turns us down (which you must make him do if you are doing your job) - I have absolutely no clue which direction we will (up and coming/unproven or a re-tread/old) What kind of budget will we...
  4. 305jacket

    General News about Key and his Staff

    If we stay in-house for coordinator positions this better mean that our expanded assistant pool means higher support headcount. More bodies in the building would be a big help.
  5. 305jacket

    Brent Key contract details

    Assistant salary pool is a sight for sore eyes. But that is the bare minimum for a HC salary that low. $3m/yr annual value has to be one of the lowest in all of P5/ACC right? Anyone have stats on that? Friendly buyout is good too - but hope it doesn't come to that. 4 years is enough time in...
  6. 305jacket

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Now that we will play Louisville every year that hire becomes a bit more important for us. Let’s see what they do. Also - our “pod” definitely seems the hardest of all the ACC teams; with Clemson, wake (recently good), and Louisville now. We Need Louisville to mess up this hire.
  7. 305jacket

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    1. Deion 2. Chadwell 3. BOB That has to be the pecking order. Deion admittedly is a high risk but the upside is too high to not pursue it. He can truly be the gamechanger that awakes the sleeping giant if given the right support from Batt, Cabrera and the hill. The way I think of it, the only...
  8. 305jacket

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    I would take Rhule in a heartbeat. Saban/Urban/many others failed in the NFL too. He is a top tier CFB coach. I think he ends up at Auburn most likely now, but would love to have him here.
  9. 305jacket

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    You absolutely have to make Deion and Chadwell both turn the job down before just giving to Key. They have to be 1a and 1b options. Deion and Chadwell are the only 2 coaches that would be "program changers" going forward.
  10. 305jacket

    PFF Week 6 Grades

    nice additional tidbits - anything of note on the OL/DL?
  11. 305jacket

    Coach Brent Key Scenario

    I dont see any scenario he stays on as coach without either making a bowl game or beating uGA. At minimum one of those needs to happen, if not both.
  12. 305jacket

    GT Vollebees

    Thank you!
  13. 305jacket

    GT Vollebees

    Anyone know where to park for games?
  14. 305jacket

    Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    If we don’t win 6 or more this year - I hope he is our HC in about 6 months time.
  15. 305jacket

    Regional FINAL - Tennessee

    He went 6 IP and 2 ER (with 11Ks) against the #1 team in the country - in our dreams we wouldn't have been able to ask for that. What an outing. Need the pen to finish the last 3 Innings strong.
  16. 305jacket

    NCAA Tourney

    Also the over/under is 20(!), next highest is 17. Sure to be some fireworks. Double digit runs will be required to win.
  17. 305jacket

    NCAA Tourney

    Vegas now has us favorites for this game, change compared to game 1. Definitely has to do with pitching matchup.
  18. 305jacket

    NCAA Tourney

    Tennessee fans all over twitter are shocked by how good Campbell was. They don’t want to face them again and want us to win. Hope we get them what they wish for and can show them a couple surprises.
  19. 305jacket

    GT vs The Camels

    Vegas has Campbell as the favorites for this one - with a game total of 14.5 - the highest of any game on the slate today. They really don't trust our pitching (can't blame them)