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    Coronavirus Thread

    In a out half the states hospitals have to complete Certificate of Need permits for facilities and equipment. Bet the approved level of ventilators My
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    Coach comparison rehash

    Bump. Let's rehash Gailey verses Johnson.
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    So who leaves? Attrition.

    When we see Well s relatives at game , I will pass along the good wishes. Take the Points has the best take - new coach values longer range over accuracy from 40 on in. I would like to add - the new coach did not value the height of Wells field goal as much as I think he should have...
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    Dave Patenaude's Offense

    Almost all the hiring was about recruiting. Agree it's obvious the is transitional and as mentioned above because no rising star oc will work for peanuts and we are broke. As to savings enough salary money now to get a slightly better oc in future, I hope u are wrong. IMO this oc cant...
  5. iceeater1969

    So who leaves? Attrition.

    We just heard from a Wells family member to let us know about Wesley and that they look forward to tailgating w us next year. We agreed but did not press. For some reason I feel like we will hear more about Wesley.
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    "From the Flats", just listened and CGC said

    The Well 's family is front row first class. His year 1 was dream worth - zero misses and beat Virginia w no time. They were so greatful to make the team. This past year they never gave up cheering for gt and wesley.
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    Spring Game 2020

    I have an Twitter account but only lurk and like the gt football coaches. Old man meets internet I help as community outreach for local hs football. We are going to try to replicate the gt football twitter style, messaging - the key words typed in by coaches as they post approving statements...
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    Offseason Workouts - Club 1010

    If u take the atletic, check out the article about the ol squat competitions at vt. They have one competition where they pause half way for 3,2,1 then go to top. Ugh! That sounds tough.
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    Position Changes for 2020

    I think howard will add strength at lb - at least when he miss reads he won't look like ax grocery cart. Our guys mis read and the ol makes a giant hole. Hopefully we are way stronger and read the plays better.
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    So who leaves? Attrition.

    Dont waste time on thisguy. He is a professional debater! and does a good job on many issues but for some reason he cant come to the conclusion that " the talk " has always occured. It's been pointed out numerous times that in the cpj years we had 47 players leave/ attrite in one 4 year period...
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    Scrapping The Princeton Offense

    This is one of the best threads I have ever seen on gtswarm. It has so much information w each post which are presented w/o snark or hyperbole. Until end of jan 20, I had only followed gt by watching games. Thank to each and all of you for educating me on the history. My one observation /...
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    New GT Fundraising Initiative - GTFAM

    Maybe they are still trying to get the living alumni list from the AA.? .
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    ACC vs. SEC

    The tv money will tell the ncaa when and how to restructure. Sure glad our coach is a great interview. Now let's start winning and be worthy of being in the football Capitol.
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    Player most excited about seeing

    WR - J. Camp will go get the ball and get Another First Down".
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    Thoughts? Could Collins turn the program around faster than expected?

    Gtaa has a great tutorial system for players . We graduate 80-90% of our football players. Uga with its many many paths graduates 60%. Other factories have good tutors as well. CGC has used this to our advantage . the portal allows good grad transfer players to get gt on academic resume while...
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    Thoughts? Could Collins turn the program around faster than expected?

    I like him. "" I think the young people like him "". The guy that sits right of me on 50 used to loudly dog cuss cpj. Now he dislikes cgc. Last year at one game he was loud mouthing why cgc wasted a time out. Blah blah blah " we were moving the ball, got ti have play ready . "" Next play...
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    What's different now?

    As to money:::: 2016 TO 2018 - Texas A M """"increased"""" donations by 20$million. OURS STAYED FLAT AT 11$million. I hope that cgc and his staff of gt alumni get tightwad alumni to donate for staff.
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    ACC vs. SEC

    The bubble way to many gt grads live in gives us a bad look . GT is a great school and prepares you to be ready to take on many challenges. It is working hard to get its grads be able to follow an entrepreneurs (OWNER) path rather than corporate path. Owners donate. Back to SEC verses...
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    Thoughts? Could Collins turn the program around faster than expected?

    The second thing u can say after work their Axx off, he gives everyone that works for him credit and let's them speak in public. They will be rewarded here or at their next job. I think he, tstan, and the prez can make bds a fun place for side walk fans, students, faculty and gt alumni...
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    Player most excited about seeing

    IF U R RIGHT - We have a beast of a DL coach!