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  1. Revelations after 3 weeks

    If Tech has many more whiffs like Saturday, recruits may start looking at other schools!
  2. #GTvsCUSE Postgame

    Bingo! It was obvious that Sims was not on today, stop the bleeding and put in #2. Stupid penalties ,most were repeated ones , jerk the player out, put on another one! This was an embarrasing football team, yet Stansbury is asking for fans to donate more money!
  3. CPJ Players Upset Not Getting Swag

    LOL wesgt123!! I have no idea what your post was about, but it made my day!
  4. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    Let it go! Collins is the town sheriff now, stay positive!
  5. This could be just Crazy

    That is a plan. Hell's Bell's, ugag has never had a problem recruting top QB's every year!
  6. GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    We're fans! As with any team, fans can rant about their team because they care and want the best for them. It's that simple. Now: GO JACKETS!!!
  7. GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    Butt ugly unis! Looks like any other Friday night high school team. Up with the white & gold!!
  8. Gaaame Daaaay

    Ditto! Just a gawd awful game rain and all !!
  9. UGA Geographic Confusion (again)

    Now, that's funny! Find out where he lives!
  10. US Amateur

    Strafaci facing one tough hombre today, but he has an even chance if he just plays his game!
  11. Stansbury comments on season tickets

    That's what I decided to do. Don't believe that is selfish, everyone can make a seperate donation to the AA anytime they choose.
  12. Stansbury comments on season tickets

    Heard just a short comment by Todd this morning on radio. He said that Tech was considering any season ticket holders that opted out for health reasons, their tickets would be donated to the A.A. I might have been half asleep and didn't hear correctly. Anyone know about this?
  13. Richy Werenski wins 1st PGA tour event...

    Good for him! I also believe that this win gets him into the U.S. Open, that is big time for a young golfer!
  14. No uga

    You are correct sir! Major problem is Tech fans are cheap, rather watch game on T.V. Add in lazy too, don't want to get off the couch. Most alums live outside the state so I would give some of them a pass but, in the end, for most fans it's just too much trouble!!
  15. Kelton Dawson Enters Transfer Portal

    Seems like Kelton looked at some options that were available and decided to stay put. None of us know what the future will be in the short term so hold on to what you have!
  16. Werenski leading after 1st round

    Richie crashing & burning. Damn, I was thinking he might win, but his putting didn't show up today.
  17. No athletics activities on Election Day

    I also think that it should be a weekend Saturday/Sunday thing.
  18. GTSwarm golf outing

    Been there done that with rotator surgery. Seemed like forever until I played again. One good side effect, I definitely slowed my swing down, which I needed to do! Good luck.
  19. On this day in 2004...

    Wow, that brings back memories! My son and I flew into Houston Monday rented a car and got to SA about 6 hrs. before the game. Our tix were in the Ucon section and their fans wondered why there wasn't more Tech fans there. Next morning got up early to beat it back to Houston in a terrible...