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  1. Stansbury comments on season tickets

    Heard just a short comment by Todd this morning on radio. He said that Tech was considering any season ticket holders that opted out for health reasons, their tickets would be donated to the A.A. I might have been half asleep and didn't hear correctly. Anyone know about this?
  2. Clemson & ugag ?

    Did I see or hear that Clemson and uga are opening up the 2021 season against each other? then again at MB in 2024 ? Man, what a shock it would create if Tech could beat clemson this season and beat ugag at least once or twice before 2024!
  3. Andy Ogletree Article

    Nice article in January's Golf Digest about Andy / Georgia Tech & Bruce Heppler.
  4. Jackets Need Media Presence

    Really couldn't let this go without comment. This a.m. on our supposed "flagship" station, Sandra Golden ran down the list of every sec game this weekend with point spreads and likely winners. Then, the ACCgames she said" Tech + 18 with Miami, sad ", Clemson - 24 at Louisville. She then said...
  5. Have you seen Wesley Wells in a game lately?

    Outside of our first game, I don't remember Wesley being used for a PAT or FG. He is still listed on the team and was excellent last season ,but now missing in action. Anyone have info ? ( besides not scoring much, don't need a kicker ).
  6. 680 another uga booster

    Listening to 68O this morning almost sent me over the edge. The morning crew , especially Steak was over the top in telling everyone how great ugag football recruiting was, how great their facilities were, how great the baseball team is doing yada, yada,yada. He even threw in how good basketball...
  7. Valspar Championship

    Seven Tech players entered the Valspar. All the Tech players were supposed to wear a purple ribbon in support for a sister of a Tech player who died of ovarian cancer. A terrific idea, unfortunately only 2 made the cut, Castro & Haddley. Wish they could have done better.
  8. The IMG academy?

    Ran across a high school game between Hoover & The IMG Academy .Never heard of or seen them before,but but, the Internet gave me the info I needed. I may be behind the times , but my eyes were opened to a side of private schools that I was not fully aware of. Just know that 50% of the senior...
  9. Chick-fil-a bowl

    Not much that we as Tech fans can do, but Chick fil a announced that in 2020 they will have Auburn vs NC, FSU vs West Virginia and as usual, ugag vs Virgina. Wow! just damn, 3 schools in the ACC plus our standard OOC school we play.All within 1 week in Tech's backyard. What a great recruiting...
  10. Chastain Park Tix

    Does anyone know if you can buy tickets to concerts at Chastain at the gate on day of event?

    For some of you Tech fans ( hopefully just a few) that may not realize it, the wolf is at our door. The implication of ugag winning the NC in the ATL can't be overstated. We have WSB radio (flagship station)&WSB TV, Atlanta Journal, all Cox Enterprise properties controling local media.Tech...
  12. Duke vs NIU

    Don't know if many of you Swarm members watched any of the Quick Lane bowl,but Duke's offense was what an offense is supposed to be like and look like. Awesome.

    A few days ago on 68O they broke a story that uga were trying to negotiate an agreement with chick fil a to be the permanant home team for the Kick Off Classic each year. I doubt that would happen, but you always have to watch those dirty bastards.
  14. Tech might regret antics

    Call me what you want, but watching some of the crap that went on at the basketball game last night made me uncomfortable. While Tech was getting hammered by ugag on the court , they decided at halftime to run some of the football players out on the court holding the Governors Trophy. All well...

    Couldn't get to the game Sat. but listened on 68O. Probably with about 3 minutes left in the game I left to do something else and when I returned, the Braves broadcast team were doing the pre Braves game coverage. Was the Tech game & post game programing pre-emptedby the Braves, or was it moved...
  16. Football Players Stipends

    Is 2016 the year that football players will receive payments for play? If I remember correctly the players will receive their money after their careers are over ? Does anyone have the figure that Tech is going to pay? I'm still not sure this system is going to work.

    Golf Week magazine pointed to Pastner this week on his attitude toward golf for his assistants. After his declaration in the AJC that he didn't want any assistants that golfed, the magazine wondered if he could really find anyone to hire.

    Heard a clip this a.m. on WSB re:the Masters from Jay Black. He touted the number of ugag golfers in the Masters headed by Bubba and 6 other golfers from ugag. He concluded with "meanwhile Tech has only two, Kuchar and Mize". They can't resist taking a shot whenever possible.
  19. Financial Problems

    I keep reading posts about the problems Tech has money wise. This would be one of the reasons we have firing Gregory and still paying off Hewitt which would be in the 1.5 mm a year for both lasting the next 2 years, I think. Tech is on the hook for Johnson at slightly less than 3 million yr. for...

    Having my first cup of coffee this a.m. when a WSB radio reporter weighs in on signing day. From Athens he says ugag is closing in on a 5 * player and expects them to have a top 10 class. He says Tech is hovering around a # 53 class with about 16 , 2 & 3 * signings so far. Nothing like...