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  1. Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    To explain the joke, he’s dunking on f$u...
  2. Band at Games?

    Bands will not be traveling this year.
  3. Band at Games?

    The ACC will not allow bands on the field. The YJMB will be performing this year in the stands commensurate with all Institute and Athletics protocols.
  4. Gold Uniforms are here!

    The helmet decals look to be metallic. The metallic pantones are different from nonmetallic. The jersey material will look different under different lighting conditions and will look different when sweat through.
  5. DJ in the student section/something new for the team run-out

    Band playing while they’re out there doesn’t give anybody incentive to clear the field and not do something dumb in what is largely an uncontrollable situation. Why is that hard to grasp?
  6. DJ in the student section/something new for the team run-out

    Let’s make a list of possible reasons: 1. Safety of students, student athletes, the Band, and security personnel 2. Replacing goalposts is expensive 3. Avoid damage to the field 4. GTAA asked for this 5. GTPD requested this There were a number of students that were injured when those goal posts...
  7. DJ in the student section/something new for the team run-out

    A couple extra rounds of BUD happened as well. There was a stern talking to delivered by the time it made it all the way downhill. And as a result the Band can no longer play if there are fans on the field. After f$u 2015, the Band waited until the field was cleared before they played The Horse.
  8. DJ in the student section/something new for the team run-out

    Been doing this since the early 2000s. It was used EVERY down in some late-4th quarter defensive drives in my day.
  9. DJ in the student section/something new for the team run-out

    This was the best example of the Band and piped-in music working properly. Has yet to be duplicated since, really.
  10. New Band Uniforms the band uniforms. If you don’t like them, donate a boatload of money to change them. They’re not bound to any apparel contract like Athletics.
  11. New Band Uniforms

    Might not actually be there anymore. It was there in older recording. If you listen carefully enough you can find about 5 different tunes at the end of W&G: Jingle Bells, Hail to the Chief, etc. Not sure if it was ever cleaned up completely.
  12. New Band Uniforms

    Disagree. There are far worse designs out there. These will look better from afar than up close. Once they swap to long sleeves it’ll come together a little better. I like this better than the last set.
  13. New Band Uniforms

    That would add up - probably was killed for good after the director change in the 80s
  14. New Band Uniforms

    Bud was substituted for Dixie in the 70s during the Carson era after the Band was requested to stop playing it because it was hurting recruiting.
  15. New Band Uniforms

    You didn’t hear this from me...listen carefully to the last part of White & Gold...
  16. New Band Uniforms

    The Roaming Band won't die either.
  17. New Band Uniforms

    They'll be in long sleeves once the weather allows for it. Would have loved to have had short sleeves back in my day.
  18. New Gray Uniforms with Children's Healthcare

    Pretty sure that’s the whole point...a special one-off...
  19. New Gray Uniforms with Children's Healthcare

    I can’t even put into words how happy this makes me. If ever we were to do a special alternate for a cause, this is it. CHOA took care of my son and our little family when he was an infant. What he dealt with is nothing compared to what so many kids are going through. I’m all in on this one...
  20. Old Tech memorabilia

    This doesn't quite count as memorabilia...but there's some nice vintage-style merch out there