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  1. redmule

    Who you got? Parker Braun or Shaq Mason?

    Half way thru their junior seasons, who's best? I thought Mason was probably the best Tech OL I had seen at the end of 2014 when he was a senior. At the middle of 2013, he was damn good. Right now though, I would give the Junior season edge to Braun. Can he get to the level Mason did his...
  2. redmule

    Look back at our 2017 schedule

    We played uga's best team since 1980. We played Miami's best team since they joined the ACC. We played a Clemson team that made the playoffs three years in a row. We were scheduled to play the only undefeated team in the FBS. We had four monsoon games all on the road. The original schedule...
  3. redmule

    Been thinking about the Searcy TD against uga

    We all know the situation, 40 seconds to go, 3rd and goal, uga. In the most critical play of the most critical game of last year, CPJ had enough confidence in Searcy's passing to call that play, a play we had not run before in 2016. A play where Searcy rolls right and throws back across the...
  4. redmule


    Clemson is 1-1 against Coastal. FSU is 1-1 against Coastal. Louisville is a roughing the kicker penalty from maybe losing to Duke at home. The Coastal is tough top to bottom.
  5. redmule

    So who do we FSU this year?

    We all know it's coming. We almost always lose one we shouldn't and win one we shouldn't. Sometimes it's not clear who these were until the season is over. I think (hope) Pitt was the loss that should not have been. The two prime candidates for the win are VT and UNC; both on the road. UNC...
  6. redmule

    Lest ye forget

    367 days ago, the optimist were predicting 8-4 if everything broke our way. After all, CPJ was on the hot seat. Everyone not named Johnson hated the Triple Option. Our Spring Game attendance was a national laughing stock. Around a dozen players from the spring were no longer on the team...
  7. redmule

    Give me a break, Paul

    If you are a current football player, do not read past line below: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Alright, Johnson, I've heard enough bellyaching. "We can't block" "The OL sucks" "Nobody can get open" What you really mean is that Roof's guys are kicking...
  8. redmule

    Things I want to hear Herbstreit say

    when he's calling the Thursday night game against VT: There he is folks, the next great GT wide receiver. Why does Paul Johnson waste a scholarship on a punter? GT's front four on Defense hasn't given anyone much time to throw this year, and they seem to have turned it up a notch tonight...
  9. redmule

    Over/under on sacks

    The sack record for a season is 45 set in 90 and 91. Last year, we had 20 according to the media guide. Now that we know who we will have playing this year on D, what is the over and under. Green and Nealy combined for 3 sacks last year, so 17 of the 20 are returning. How many more does an...
  10. redmule

    The forgotten man

    Snoddy! He's by far our best returning running back, but all the off season talk has been about the new guys. With the caveat that he's healthy and stays healthy, why wouldn't he get 1000 yds? He's going to be the go to A back, so he should get the carries. When he hit his stride last year...
  11. redmule

    I can't get excited about this year's offense

    because every time I start thinking about what type team and year we will have, the Defense comes to the front of my mind. I love the Offense and think it will be very good, but I haven't been this excited about our Defense since 1985. In '83 and '84 you could see something was developing...
  12. redmule

    Griffin, Devine, Marshall, Brigham, Fromayan

    I think most of us would have been very happy for much of the the time that CPJ has been here to have these five guys as our starting OL next year. I suspect CPJ would put up some very respectable rushing numbers with these guys in the trenches. No disrespect intended, but these are probably...
  13. redmule

    OL Thread

    It sucks that there are more threads about uniforms than there are about the beating heart of our team, the OL. I think it should be our goal to keep at least one OL thread on the front page of this site thru Spring Practice. I spent one day last week re-watching Clemson, uga and the OB. The...
  14. redmule

    There is a tide in the affairs of men

    Since this board is unbelievably dull right now, it's time to pump you up! What do these numbers have in common? 57, 59, 60, 64, 67, 69, 71, 73, 76, 78, 83, 85, 86, 91, 95, 97, 98, 99, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 13, 14 Since we won 8 in a row against uga in the 50's, the numbers listed above are the...
  15. redmule

    Do you believe in miracles?

    It would seem that some of you do. Let's back up a year. From the 2013 team, we lost Attaochu, Watts, Thomas, Drummond, Dieke, Young, and Cummings on defense. In other words, the best DL, the best LB, the best DB, and several other starters with lots of experience. We didn't know if Golden...
  16. redmule

    What Richt was thinking with 18 seconds left:

    "Tech has a back-up linebacker on their KO return team standing at about the 25 yd line. Why don't we kick it to him rather than Golden. At worst, he'll fair catch, and they will be 75 yards away with just a few seconds left. Probably, given the pressure Tech is under right now, he'll fumble...
  17. redmule

    Thirty six years ago, I walked out of the cesspool

    after the toughest loss I have ever seen against uga. We blew a 20-0 lead, uga scored late on a 4th down pass and got a two point conversion to take a one point lead after we had stopped their first attempt but were called for a penalty. They ran back a punt for a TD followed by a KO return...
  18. redmule

    Sure wish

    NC State had played FSU last week rather than Clemson.. Who you play when makes a big difference. The schedule hasn't been our friend the last couple of years.
  19. redmule

    I expect the GSU game to be

    a replay of the Tulane game. They're pumped, we make a couple of mistakes early, and get down by 7-10 points. We pull even in the 2nd qtr and pull away in the second half. At the end of the season, you can often look back and see a pattern that began the first couple of games repeat itself...
  20. redmule

    What's not being said

    Is often as important as what is said. I have heard no contingency plans for DL from CPJ or Roof. When Gailey had similar problems, OL were moved to DL. I still appreciate Wrotto for doing that. So that leaves some scenarios. OL moves are being looked at on the sly? Klock? Devine could be...