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  1. Revelations after 3 weeks

    He has no issues recruiting thanks to bag men
  2. Is Collins nasty enough to be a HC ?

    The ACC needs us to be good charlie was beat in coverage for one of Syracuse’s touchdowns
  3. Is Collins nasty enough to be a HC ?

    This is the real issue. We complain but the biggest issue is finding the best and brightest coordinators and compensating them. Also, you don’t see Dabo berating guys on TV.
  4. Coach Coleman's got his Mind Rite

    Yeah I agree. Last year’s momentum has worn off.
  5. I'm not convinced the scheduling won't be used strategically

    I am glad Stansbury held firm on keeping our bye week in place. Not our fault other programs are down players. No need to put our guys at risk either. Loved the post about the ACC having repeatedly screwed us too.
  6. Starting QB speculation

    Lmao. I think the pay sites have made it clear that Yates is next in line. Has anyone seen Gleason with a helmet during either game so far?
  7. Starting QB speculation

    Agreed with pretty much everything you said/suggested except that Graham should be playing over Sims. I am probably one of the biggest Graham fans and even I could tell his short pass accuracy was lacking last year. Could/would it improve with pass protection this year? Yes, it’s very likely to...
  8. ACC Expansion

    Idk where you saw a 300k a year pension but that’s not accurate at all. See Also, former players aren’t pension eligible until they turn 50 or 55. I do see your point about the prior earnings though.
  9. ACC Expansion

    I think the original poster was saying that our players make more than SEC players and in particular UGA players mid career. The SEC has a lot of players in the NFL but do the numbers. Let’s just say mid career is 40. They have zero players in the NFL at 40. Using UGA as an example, they have 40...
  10. ACC Expansion

    Also, as far as ACC expansion goes, it might not be necessary if we can somehow become an annual 10 win team which is plausible given every team gets 12 games and I think we have built in advantages over most of our ACC opponents. The real dollars are in brands. SEC has some of the biggest...
  11. ACC Expansion

    We should. I bet there is some reason that we haven’t.
  12. ACC Expansion

    I didn’t know that. We should be more like Bama and Michigan and claim some of those lesser known titles.
  13. ACC Expansion

    Six national championships since we left the SEC? Or six national championships total which would be two more championships than we currently have now?
  14. ACC Expansion

    They won’t just like UF blocked Miami and FSU from SEC in 80s and 90s
  15. Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    This might be the first positive post regarding James Graham in weeks. Lol ... I think Sims can throw the deep ball too. He’s just got to get comfortable. He looked for the deep ball today but either chose not to throw it or took off or missed it.
  16. ATL week 2

    I don’t pay for either site but I learned from friends that Kelly (rivals) and the guy from 247 had the scoop on Gibbs , Tre, and TK the Friday before the FSU game
  17. ATL week 2

    I liked your post but I must point out that Juanyeh has tons of acceleration. Remember his kick return against the Dawgs a few years back?
  18. This could be just Crazy

    Jake Fromm anyone lol
  19. UGA Geographic Confusion (again)

    Vandy just beat Tennessee 3 or 4 years in a row. I get your point though. We just have to contribute and/or show up to games or be active fans.
  20. UGA Geographic Confusion (again)

    Damn this post just made me feel old. I was in my last semester at GT during the 2010 tournament. The 2009-2010 sports calendar was probably the best for GT athletics overall in the last 15-20 years.