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  1. Key/Thacker Praised by Herbstreit

    It seemed like most, if not all, of the national media thought Collins was a great hire. There were multiple takes that we were a sleeping giant and Collins was going to get us back into the national conversation. It didn't seem too far fetched after that first recruiting class either.
  2. PFF Week 6 Grades

    I think the lack of consistency in OL play has been as big a factor as anyone developing him. It's really difficult to make good decisions when you're constantly running for your life.
  3. Ok we are 3-3 so what concerns you the most ( any thing but the coaches)

    My top 5 concerns, in no particular order: LT LG C RG RT With the talent we have in the backfield, we should be a strong running team. I know the play calling has been...inconsistent...but there has been almost no push up front.
  4. Money Down Poll

    I'm not sure why it's even a debate. Do I think it's stupid? Yeah, kinda, I guess. But, whether or not it hypes me up doesn't really affect the outcome of the game much.
  5. All-time All ACC

    NC State fans also think it's a good idea to go to NC State.
  6. All-time All ACC

    Heck, first team all-american in 2014, not just the best in the conference. I don't know enough about it to say he should definitely be first team, but it seems like he should occupy one of the 6 spots on the list.
  7. All-time All ACC

    No Shaq Mason surprised me. Looking at the difference between the 14 and 15 offensive lines shows just how valuable he was.
  8. Jeff Schultz Column

    Careful not to trip over that bar you're setting.
  9. ACC SoS Rankings

    They have to play against Georgia Tech, and we don't have them on our schedule at all outside of a spring time pre-season type game.